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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 09:42


Thank You for visiting Classimotorsforsale.com!

Just like you, we’re passionate about classic and vintage cars of all makes and eras.

What began in 2009 as an online platform to help classic car enthusiasts buy and sell their dream cars has grown beyond our wildest expectations, and for that, we have you, our loyal customers and fellow enthusiasts, to thank.

Classic Motors For Sale offers a powerful, market-leading route to target global owners, collectors and enthusiasts of classic and historic cars.

Whether for road, race, rally or concours, our vast audience has a shared passion for enjoying classic cars and the lifestyle that surrounds them.

Our product portfolio provides any brand a successfully proven platform to deliver any message via digital, social media and bespoke creative solutions.

To discuss and explore opportunities to reach, target and engage with our global audience, contact me.

Nick Aylieff

Owner & CEO, Classic Motors For Sale

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 08:15

D W Transport Services

DW transport is well known for its prompt and reliable rare car transport and international car transport services. We are well equipped to handle both one off delivery service and all your fleet requirements throughout UK and Europe. Over the years we have gained experience and knowledge and are now one of the best classic car transporters in the UK. When it comes to rare car transport and international car transport, we understand that these vehicles are very valuable and need special care during transport. As classic car transporters we know that a classic car can lose its value considerably even if it has a minor damage and as such are very careful when we undertake rare car transport and international car transport.

For customers who would like to go for complete safety during transport of their classic cars, we recommend the option of enclosed transport. Enclosed trailers for rare car transport and international car transport ensures that your vehicle will arrive at the destination in the exact same condition as it was when it was loaded for delivery. Our enclosed trailers are one of the best and are designed to keep your car protected from weather conditions, exhaust fumes of vehicles on the road and any flying debris like rock chips and overhanging tree limbs that can damage your classic car. Our enclosed trailers are modern and hi-tech and are equipped with the latest satellite navigation technology and mobile phones. With the help of this communication technology, it is easy for us to organise for your job anytime or make alternate arrangements if necessary. These enclosed trailers are fitted with ramps, winches and straps so that vehicles can be easily loaded and unloaded. All our trailers have a full comprehensive cover which includes goods in transit up to the value of £350,000.00 and public liability up to the value of £1000,000.00.
All the drivers who work for us are smart, experienced and professional. They have a lot of experience in handling vehicles of different makes and models and are experts in classic car transportation. Our drivers operate under strict uniformed driver policy and regularly handle fragile and valuable classic vehicles for transportation.

We also provide specially fitted vehicles such as bonded transport, hazardous goods kit, fridge vehicles, hanging garments facility, tail lift and pallet trucks on request.

As classic car transporters, we know that transportation of a classic car or a vintage car needs to be handled with utmost care. We are courteous, professional and treat all customers equally regardless of the type of job. We believe in providing a personal touch to all our customers. Our quotes are realistic and we can provide bespoke class car transport services tailored to fit your needs.

To know more about our enclosed car transport and for a no obligation quote, please contact us on +44 (0) 1795 871 083and we will get back to you.


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 08:06

Longstone Tyres

Buy vintage tyres online from Longstone Tyres; one of the world´s leading independent suppliers of all styles of vintage tyres, classic tyres & veteran tyres.

Longstone Tyres are the UK distributors for Pirelli classic tyres & classic tyres from all major manufacturers! If you are not sure which of our vintage tyres you need, we can help. Read our discussion of tyre and rim types and sizes; the history and various types of vintage tyres, veteran tyres, classic tyres, retro tyres and vintage car rims.

Longstone Classic Tyres ( Tel: 01302 711 123) , a leading company in the supply of specialist tyres for classic cars to both trade and retail markets have recently joined forces with Pirelli to develop their share of the classic car tyre market. For some time now Pirelli have made a limited range of classic tyres, however they have, until recently, been notoriously hard to track down!

Pirelli’s reputation for being at the cutting edge of tyre development began a hundred years ago when Prince Borghese driving an Itala won the Peking - Paris race. Michelin Patented their Michelin X radial tyre in 1946 which transformed peoples perceptions of the longevity they could expect from a tyre. Pirelli’s release of their Cinturato tyre in 1952, the worlds first textile radial tyre, moved the goal posts yet again. The Pirelli Cinturato quickly became the dominant radial tyre in European GT and sports car racing circles. The Cinturato was the tyre of choice. The Pirelli Cinturato combined unprecedented grip with high-speed capabilities, the Cinturato also gave a supremely comfortable ride. Not surprisingly, the Pirelli Cinturato soon became standard equipment on many of the great Italian marques of the era, including Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

Longstone Tyres have a long history of involvement with the historic car market. Through racing vintage and historic cars, and offering a fitting service at events such as Classic Le Mans and many UK race meetings. Because of this and our vast knowledge of classic cars Longstone Tyres is in the perfect position to know which tyre sizes are in demand, and to help these tyres find their way on to the most desirable cars in the world. Because of this market place knowledge Pirelli have agreed to re manufacture yet more sizes allowing classic car owners to once again experience the benefits of the Pirelli Cinturato.

The Range So Far.
185VR16 CA67: fits Aston Martin DB's up to late DB4's. Jaguar XK 120, 140 150 and C-type. BMW 250, 375.. Ferrari until 1962 and Bristol's up until the 409 in 1967. AC Ace. Triumph Gloria and Renown. Riley RM series and Pathfinder. Lea Francis till 1954. Jensen 541. Daimler DB18. and it was original equipment on Maserati up until 1968 The Cinturato 185VR16 is the perfect radial alternative for any car fitted with 575X16 or 600X16 cross ply. It has the correct diameter but unlike other radial tyres doesn稚 have a massively wide tread pattern making the steering unpleasantly heavy.

165HR400 CA67: fits Citro・ Traction avant. But the Cinturato was factory fitment on Lancia Aurelia, Flamina and 50's Alfa's. This is quite a special size. In period Ruote Borrani Milano made 400mm wheels for all sorts of cars such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Alvis and Austin Healey so they could upgrade to the first radial tyres. The Cinturato is the only tyre with a H speed rating in this size.

155SR15 CA67: Loads of Alfa's, MGA, TR2's AND 3's Peugeot 403 and 404. VW Beetle and Morgan's. This tyre has now been manufactured with a H speed rating.

185/70VR15 CN36: fits early 911's and lots of people fit them on 356's it's a beetle option, they fit Austin Healey's and TR5's and 6's.

185VR15 CA67: to fit Jaguar E-types, MK1 & 2, & S Type, Aston Martin DB4, 5 & 6, Ferrari 250 GT, Rover P4 & 5. Jensen CV8.

205VR15 CN72: to fit Lamborghini 350GT, 400GT, Islero & Espada, Maserati 5000GT, 4200GT Quattroporte, Mistrale, Mexico & Ghibli, Ferrari 330GT & GTC, 500 Superfast & 365GT, ISO Rivolta, Grifo, Fidia & lele Aston Martin DB4 & DBS, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

More Sizes to follow!

Browse our site for cars, the saga of vintage car tyres, and details of the vintage tyres and classic tyres we are able to supply.


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 07:58

Machine Mart

Machine Mart is Britain’s number one supplier of specialist tools and equipment with 59 superstores nationwide, a dedicated mail order department and website offering thousands of products from top brands such as Clarke, DeWalt, Makita, Laser and Bosch, at extremely competitive prices.

Our extensive range of tools and equipment, particularly our vast array of garage equipment and tools and range of over 6000 hard to find, specialist products located in the Machine Mart Xtra section of our website make us the first choice with motoring enthusiasts. Whether you need a trolley jack, JumpStart, workshop crane, polisher or even a specialist suspension tool, we will have you covered.

At Machine Mart, we eat, sleep and breathe tools and equipment and we are constantly updating our product ranges to continue to offer our customers the very best in choice and value for money and on top of this, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide honest, expert advice and fantastic service to all of our customers.

Visit our website or call 0844 880 1265 to order your free Machine Mart catalogue today.


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 07:53

Lancaster Insurance Services

Lancaster Insurance Services Ltd has specialised in arranging quality insurance since 1984. We search our carefully selected panel of insurers that include many of the UK's leading insurers to get you a great deal on your insurance. We care about your individual requirements and we will endeavour to beat any competitor's quote.

Lancaster understand that our clients are not just looking for competitive classic car insurance, they want a top quality product and service as well as value for money.

Policy benefits may include*:

* Agreed Valuation - Up to 3 years
* Accidental Damage Cover
* Limited Mileage Discount
* Windscreen Cover
* Classic Car Club Member Discounts
* Optional Legal Protection - includes legal services
such as uninsured loss recovery
* Optional Breakdown Recovery - including home start
* Free European Cover (Green Card) - Up to 90 days
* Personal Effects Cover
* Courtesy Car
* Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may vary between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria.


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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 07:52

Classics Car Insurance

Classics Car Insurance is a website specialising in providing competitive quotes for classic, vintage and antique vehicles. Offering a range of schemes from various partners who provide our customers with affordable classic car insurance.

Whatever you drive, Classics Car Insurance could save you money on your classic insurance policy renewal price.

Specialist schemes may include:
• Agreed valuation of vehicle
• Limited mileage policy discounts
• Optional breakdown cover
• Multi-car discounts
• Windscreen cover
• Legal cover

To get an online quote now for classic car insurance – please visit www.classicscarinsurance.co.uk

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 07:49

Classic and Sports Finance


Classic and investment cars are our core business. What is considered a Classic? Dated between 1946 – 1964 is considered a Classic model and 1965-1974 being a Post Classic model although we feel that anything up to 1990 falls within this category. Our funding packages will assist with the purchase of the modest and fun as well as blue chip investment models. Our facilities have no upper limit and we clearly understand the investment potential of these cars.

Drawing on our extensive experience and market knowledge we can assist with your purchase throughout the entire process. We share your enthusiasm and effectively use our market intelligence to ensure you receive the correct support for your individual wants and needs.

Our funding is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to buy beautiful cars.
We bring you a broad base of knowledge developed over our past 27 years in this market sector, offering access to our extensive relationship base with funders, suppliers, motor clubs and auction houses. Our funding can offer long term agreements, realistic deposits and balloon structures on a variety of models. If you currently own the vehicle or have a collection you wish to raise capital against we can also help.

We would prefer you to be buying through a dealer, however, can often support you through a private purchase if required. If you are in the early stages of buying a car we can offer clear direction as we recognise that the funding is only a part of a much larger process and that the market can be confusing, where and what to buy is a key factor. You may want to have the car independently inspected and we recommend this on certain occasions through one of our recognised inspectors. Whatever you need please ask!


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D W Transport Services

Your car is important to you and naturally, and you need any one dealing with your vehicle to look after it as you would.

Car storage is not a case of leaving it in shed and hoping that it's going to be OK, that's why it's better to intrust your vehicle to DW Transport the company that actually cares and will look after it as if it is one of their own.

At DW Transport we take delivery of your vehicle and do a full visual inspection report in your presence.


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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 14:17

Padgett Motor Engineers

Padgett Motor Engineers are Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists.

Padgett Motor EngineersThe leading authority on R Type Bentley Continentals.

Specialists in rally competition preparation to winning standards. The engine is rebuilt to extremely high specification to meet requirements of international rally driving with sustainable competition endurance. Also all work to standard cars in the same 'concours' standard.

A Brief History of Padgett Motor Engineers

This firm was established 1957 in Newbury, Berkshire by Alan Padgett father of present owner Jeremy.
Alan was apprenticed as a motor mechanic in York during WW 2 until his 'Conscription' in 1946 and served in the 'Royal Air Force' in the Far East,. By 1949 he was back in England and having finished his apprenticeship, started working part time on motor vehicle repairs including Vintage cars. In 1954, now married, he and his wife moved to Newbury. Berks,

Alan was involved with racing Bentleys after selling his first Vintage car a 12/40 Lea Francis and buying a 1926 Speed Model 3 Litre.. He worked part time to gain essential experience, from Tony Townshend at Whittonditch works from 1954. He worked on some very interesting Bentleys including the Birkin Blower UU5872 when owned by Stanley Sears. Subsequently he worked on many BDC members' Bentleys which included famous ones like the Barnato Hassan 8 litre ;. 'Old Number One' Brooklands 8 litre, his own Speed Six YF 3984 and many others including the R-R Ltd Bentleys. this naturally brought Padgett Motor Engineers to the forefront of the technical and intricate development of reliable sports and racing Bentleys, and many others.

Padgett Motor EngineersBy 1964 a newly emerged class of post-war Bentleys were well known in racing, the Mk Vl sports and racing 'special'. The Bradley Brothers were the first to take this route and must be given full credit for such foresight.
Our first design, which proved to be popular, was built with a modified chassis design, to move the engine and transmission rearwards for the traditional sporting lines of a Bentley sports car, thereby setting a trend that has survived to this day. Over 45 varied sports Bentleys were built by us, using engines from S 1.s, 4.25, 4.5 litre versions, and even the V8s. Many have been used extensively for racing now and have been very successful too. Many 'specials' are still racing after 30 or 40 years constant use.

It was during this time in the mid 1970s that Jeremy started to work with his father. This was the perfect apprenticeship as Jeremy was surrounded by Bentleys from childhood. This ever improving class of Bentley sports car has paved the way for another style of Bentley now getting the head lines. The Bentley R Type. Continental Sports Saloon, upgraded to Rally Specification, of which some 12 have been rebuilt and proved to be a world-wide, highly sort after Bentley of any genre.

This project was instigated and carefully processed by the fabulously talented motor engineer, the late Christian Hueber, from Philadelphia. Together with Padgett Motor Engineers. Jeremy Padgett eventually took over full control of the business in 1995 when his father retired, after 54 years as a motor-engineer. Padgett Motor Engineers have contacts with the finest motor engineering specialised development firms world-wide and are constantly looking forward to new methods of performance and design enhancements for your Bentley driving pleasures.

This has allowed us to work on, restore, or rally prepare some 25 Continentals in the last 14 year period alone. These range from “standard” tourers, to the full rally modification. All have been successful in High Distance Tours and Retrospective Historic Rallies in Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, and Asia, including the mountainous regions of the Pyrenees, Alps, Dolomites, and the Himalayas.


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Cristiano Luzzago


After investing more than thirty years in the leading company in Italy in the sector of collectors’ vehicles I have decided to change to a new and independent course of activity.
I will naturally continue to dedicate my time to automobile collecting, a sector where I have developed wide experience and knowledge through a whole life of passion. Since the 1970’s and through into the growth of collecting I have managed all aspects of the world of classic vehicles: commerce, restoration and service workshop, spare parts, import and export.
As promoter of the first collectors’ vehicle auctions in Italy I adopted this primarily Anglo-Saxon merchandising tool in the role of organiser, selector and auctioneer. Simultaneously I created the idea of the first gallery of Italian motoring art. In the innovative sector of classic vehicle hire I organised motoring rallies and events, offering an original way for companies to motivate and instil trust in employees and clients alike.

With experience in the commercialisation of thousands of vehicles and management of the restoration of hundreds, I have a complete professional understanding of the world of classic automobiles.
In my new role as Consultant I am available for clients who require a stable contact to be able to operate in a risk and trouble-free manner within the often complex world of classic vehicle collecting.

Do not hesitate to contact me for information, advice, estimates or even simply just to chat between like-minded people. On the new web site every one of you will find interesting opportunities and signing up to the newsletter you will be updated on new initiatives, rallies, events and information from the world of classic vehicles.


If your commitments do not allow you to dedicate time to your collection I am able to guarantee operation with the maximum transparency and with your exclusive interests in mind. I receive payment only from the client who awards me a contract. If I am successful in acquiring the vehicle you are interested in at a lower than foreseen price, the saving is all yours.


If you would like to invest your money in a safe manner I can assist and advise you, indicating the direction which will best satisfy your requirements.


Cristiano LuzzagoThe capital is guaranteed through a real reference market
Management costs are contained and under control
Sale of the vehicle does not lead to any risk of loss
The annual financial performance is better than any other form of investment
No financial investment can ever give you the concrete pleasure of possessing and driving a classic vehicle.


If you require objective consulting and impartial information, thanks to my consistent and continued scanning of the market I am able to provide you with the updated values of your collection.


Many years spent in business have taught me to recognise good purchases and especially to know the real value of historic vehicles on the basis of commercial market business and not the generalised and often contradictory quotations in the sector publications.


If you have found a vehicle you would like to purchase but cannot decide if it is a good buy, I will make my technical expertise available to you. I will check for rust, any previous accidents and test drive as well as verify documentation and check chassis and engine numbers, guaranteeing a secure and safe investment.


The restoration of classic vehicles can be a great unknown for those outside the industry. It happens often that collectors themselves are uncertain as to whether to begin a restoration or let it go.

Unfortunately it happens many times that this realisation occurs at the half-way stage but by then it is too late.

It can also happen that after spending significant amounts of money you are faced with a completely disassembled vehicle without knowing with any certainty when the job will be finished. Restorations must be developed on the basis of a well-defined project that should be planned accurately with a completion date in mind.

I can also assist you in this field to avoid committing errors and according to the following guidelines:

Evaluation of the condition and importance of the vehicle
Choosing the restoration type (total, partial, commercial)
Planning the length of the project
Financial estimations of the restoration in the various specialisation areas
Contract costs management, work times and penalties
Choice of competent and well known specialists to whom the work can be contracted
Checking and verifying all the various phases of the restoration work
Management and co-ordination of the specialist areas
Optimisation and rationalisation of time and costs
Production of all documentation, including photographing work progress.



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