Look, the bottom line is that you just have to come drive this 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon before you'll understand it. With the supercharged heart of a Corvette, this is arguably the best car that General Motors build in the 2010s and it does everything right. But honestly, none of that matters when you mash the throttle and this luxury cruiser blasts itself to the far side of 170 MPH. So please, just come drive it and you'll understand. With just three owners, 27,748 actual miles, a professional tune, and a stock presentation that'll bring you to you knees, this modern collectable is the coolest wagon on the planet. I know that the creased "Art & Science" look on late-model Cadillacs are a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, but the CTS is arguably the finest example yet of the angular look and the CTS-V only accentuates the aggressive shape. I'm guessing that designers sketched the CTS-V first, then took out the cool stuff to make the garden-variety CTS versions, simply because this up-market design looks so darn right. Dig the domed hood, the vents in the fenders that complete the angle of the windshield (this particular stamping was outrageously expensive to develop but the designers wouldn't budge on eliminating it), and, of course, the chrome mesh grilles that are only part of the V package. Has a 4-door estate car ever looks this good? Probably not. The paint is what you'd expect on a car with an original price tag above $65,000 and even after a few years of fun, this one still looks incredibly good today. Other than a few light swirls left over from car washes (and who could resist constantly rubbing on a car this sexy), and maybe a minor scuff on the rear bumper that we had to put our high-powered spectacles on to even spot, this Caddy shows incredibly well. It's about as close to "like-new" as you'll find in a 10-year-old car, and it's obvious that the scant 2700 miles per year that his beauty has averaged since new were very carefully logged. Man, this sucker is clean! The CTS-V is much more than just a burly engine, as you'll quickly discover the moment you open the door. The black leather and Alcantara suede Recaros are sculpted and supportive, every bit a match for the car's performance and price. The leather looks great, with only minor signs of use picked up throughout the years of enjoyment, although we'd call those comfort marks rather than any actual wear. Look closely and you might see some signs that an actual human once drove this car in the higher traffic areas, but not much at all. That includes the like-new seat covers, the plush carpets, the unblemished dash, and the uber-slick, leather-wrapped steering wheel that anchors the cabin. Elegant chrome-rimmed dials dance to life when you turn the key, and like most luxury manufacturers, Cadillac uses a variety of materials on the dash: chrome, textured plastic, and "piano black" trim that looks very high tech. Everything was standard on the V, so you won't be wishing for any extra hardware, and when you get tired of the supercharger's song, you can fire up the Bose sound system which sounds spectacular. The V is also a real car, meaning that you can fill it with passengers and luggage and head out on the road thanks to a spacious, fully finished trunk that can handle most any travel plans. But the real story on the V is the Corvette-derived 6.2-liter supercharged V8, which belts out 556 horsepower and 551 pounds of torque. Astounding numbers for a Cadillac, wouldn't you say? Well, it wasn't quite enough for the former owner, so he added long-tube headers and electric cut-outs that match up with the custom Corsa X-pipe exhaust system below (don't worry, it still passed GA emissions when they were up in 2022), along with a cold air-intake system, and custom tune from the Vette Doctor's up in New York – meaning this wagon is likely boasting close to (if not over) 600HP by now. It's incredibly powerful, yet still smooth and seamless when you're just cruising, like any modern Cadillac, but mash the throttle and boost comes up instantly, the 6-speed automatic drops down a gear or three, and suddenly the speedometer and tach needles are racing each other around the dials. The chassis settings are ideal, comfortable yet deadly accurate and this might be the most tossable car we've ever driven with just the right amount of electronic assistance. If the Corvette is any indicator, the CTS-V is going to be bulletproof now and in the future, so you can buy this one with confidence. Massive Brembo brakes were painted yellow and live behind gorgeous V-specific 19-inch Y-spoke alloys with staggered 255/40/19 front and 325/30/19 rear Hankook performance radials. Can you tell we love this car? Go ahead, try to find all this horsepower, luxury, space, and style for less cash anywhere. Call today!

  • Fuel
  • Body Typesstation_wagon
  • Exterior ColourBlack
  • Number of doors2
  • Interior ColourEbony
  • VIN Code1G6DV8EP9D0105670

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