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  • Colour Exterior:Titanium Metallic
  • Interior Colours:Black Alcantra
  • VIN Code:5W123124PA
  • Drive:LHD

Noble Automotive Ltd. first opened its doors in 1999 in Leicester England. Its founder Lee Noble wanted to produce a more affordable rear engine, rear-wheel drive sports car. Their first offering was the M10 which had slightly quirky styling but backed it up with solid performance numbers. The M10 was quickly replaced by the upgraded and better-styled M12 in 2000. The M12 sold fairly well for a small manufacturer but as could be expected, customers wanted an even faster and rawer version. Much to the delight of the public, in 2004 Noble released the M400 which was a more track-oriented version of the M12. With 425 BHP and a curb weight of just 2337 lbs, the M400 was able to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 400 bhp/ton, which is where the name comes from. Power for the M400 came from heavily worked twin-turbo 3.0L V6 Ford Duratec engine. This massaged power plant was able to propel the little Nobel 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds and onto a top speed of 187 MPH. Manufacturing rights for Noble cars were eventually sold to 1G racing in Ohio. Although it never received the accolades that some of its more famous supercar brethren achieved, the Noble M400 remains a rare and desirable way to enter supercar ownership without breaking the bank.

This particular Noble M400, Factory VIN NUS0185 (PA issued Vin number 5W123124PA, on title), was purchased by the current owner new on 12/4/2006 from 1G racing in Ross, Ohio. It was finished in Titanium metallic paint with a black interior. It was also upgraded with Factory Air Conditioning at the time of order. The car currently has 3,000 miles and is immaculate condition. The current and only owner was an avid collector and enthusiast who traded an 04 Noble M12 GTO3R only to upgrade! He took extremely good care of the M400 on offer, avoiding adverse driving conditions completely and never allowing the car to touch the track, and very cool-down conscious after spirited use. Not much maintenance has been needed as the car currently has such low mileage but all basic things such as oil changes were done fastidiously by the owner. The car is completely stock with the exception of an upgraded blow off valve and a larger intercooler, both installed flawlessly. The only other issue of note is that the rotors are currently warped but the owner is including a new set of $2200 AP Racing grooved rotors with the car. Otherwise the car received new tires as of May 1st 2018 and as such they have only 50 or so miles on them. The tires were replaced only because of age not wear. More recently as well as a radiator replacement due to a leak. All utilizing correct manufacturer recommended replacements. This particular M400 has seen minimal usage and it truly shows as the car remains in impeccable condition. The M400 is a true car lovers supercar, shunning the overhyped branding in order to provide an outstanding ride and phenomenal bang for the buck. This car is sure to turn heads wherever you go and be the talk of any car related event but where its truly at home is the open road where it can be pointed through twisting turns with lightning precision and rocket ship like speed, sure to leave an enormous smile on whoever climbs behind the wheel.


Included with the car are a new set of AP Racing grooved brake rotors and the original tires.

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Body & Paint

Much of the car is covered in a clear bra leaving the Titanium Metallic paint in fantastic condition, same as when it left production. It has great shine and a smooth and consistent finish throughout. It is believed to be entirely original paint throughout, supported by the fastidious nature of the current owner. The body is smooth and straight with excellent, tight gaps throughout. The bodywork on these cars tends to be a bit fragile and is often susceptible to slight imperfections but this particular example displays no issues whatsoever.

Glass & Trim

The glass through shows no issues and is believed to be all original to the car. The side windows have been fitted professionally with tint in order to cut down on harsh sun-lighting conditions in the cabin and displays no peeling or bubbling to speak of. The headlights are clear and free of have or any other issues and the taillights display in an exact same manner. All the trim around the windows is supple and free of cracking or weathering. All the vents and openings are covered with black mesh grills which are in excellent condition with a nice smooth finish to the paint.


The car wears a set of Forgeline 3-piece wheels, fitted at the time it was built, that compliment the styling very well All four wheels are in good condition with no issues to note. The chrome lips of the three-piece wheels shine bright and clean and the painted surfaces are smooth and consistent. All the wheel hardware is in excellent shape as well with no scratching or wear to speak of.

Notable Flaws

There are no notable flaws to speak of. This car truly presents almost as new. It was maintained and cared for to an extreme manner and the love and meticulousness truly shows in the current state of the vehicle.


Seats & Surfaces

The black Alcantara interior is in fantastic shape. The seats show next to no wear and the fabric is clean and tight, just as it would have left the factory. The carpets are free of any fading or excessive wear areas. The spartan dash area is clean and tidy

Functionality & Accessories

All interior knobs and switches are free of fading or aging and everything appears to function as it should. The air conditioning, which was installed at the time of production, blows cold and strong.

Notable Flaws



Engine Bay

The engine bay displays exactly in line with the mileage. All black plastic surfaces are rich and bright with no fading present. Painted surfaces are smooth and consistent. All the hoses and cables are free of wear or cracking and there are no signs of leakage or excessive wear anywhere to be found. Everything in the engine bay appears as it would have when it left production with the exception of the previously noted blow-off valve and intercooler which have been slightly upgraded in order to help maintain the longevity of the car.


The front trunk is more of a access area for suspension and cooling components. As with the rest of the car it appears new in every respect with nearly no signs of use, in order, as delivered and without issues present.


The underside of the car is nearly as clean as the exterior. The car was never driven in bad weather and it shows in the cleanliness of the underside.

Notable Flaws



The twin-turbo Ford Duratec V6 engine is strong and capable. It revs freely and makes fantastic power all throughout the rev range with no flat spots or hesitation present. The engine makes an excellent noise as well with the raspy V-6 exhaust note emanating from the tailpipes accompanied by the whistle of turbos and crack of the wastegate, it is sure to leave you chuckling to yourself


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears with no issues to note. The clutch feels excellent with good take up and excellent engagement.

Brakes & Suspension

As noted previously, the brake rotors are slightly warped but the owner is including a $2200 set of AP Racing grooved rotors with the purchase of the car. Past the minimal shutter from the warping, the pedal feels solid and brings the light car to a quick stop with ease. Given the mileage, the suspension feels new and the car drives with no odd noises or feelings present in the ride or steering.


The tires are newer Michelin Pilot Super Sports on all four corners with plenty of tread life left. No issues or signs of aging are present and the tires can be considered ready for many more miles of enjoyment. The original tires from the time of production come with the car as well.

Upon stepping into the Noble M400 it becomes apparent that this is a car that is meant more to be driven than to impress passengers and bystanders. The interior is fairly spartan with only the controls that are truly necessary being present. The deep bucket Alcantara seats hug you tightly as you turn the key and press the red starter button in. The V-6 engine barks to life from just inches behind your head and settles into a smooth but aggressive idol. Engaging the clutch and selecting first gear is easy and intuitive. Power is readily available throughout all gears, even at low RPMs with the 3.0L V-6 providing some low down torque to get the car up to boost at which point t it becomes clear that this car was designed to move fast! The boost comes on in quickly causing the revs to jump towards the red before you realize it. This car is blisteringly fast, matching 0-60 times of cars such as the Ferrari Enzo. The chassis feels fantastic with the short wheelbase and low curb weight making this M400 feel like a 425 power go-kart. The steering is light, crisp and responsive, easily pointing the short front end in any direction you desire.

While it may not have the history and big-name branding of similar cars, the M400 certainly backs its name up with pavement-pounding performance. This is a car that’s meant to be driven quick. Everything about its driving manners is meant to excite in an extremely fast manner! The Noble M400 represents amazing thrill and performance for the money and while you may have to answer numerous questions along the lines of “what kind of car is that” its easy to leave all that noise behind with quick jab of the gas pedal.

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