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1968 Porsche 911

  • Colour Exterior:Irish Green
  • Interior Colours:Black Leather
  • Drive:LHD

With the 911s introduction in 1963, the cries of “That’s not a real Porsche!” were immediate and resounding but as the reviews came in and more people got behind the wheel, it became clear that Porsche had hit a home run. Combining an excellent level of comfort with a fantastic driving nature, the 911 would go on to be Porsche’s poster child and the bar for which all other sports cars of the past and future would be measured against.

This particular 1968 Porsche 911, chassis number 11830146 fitted with engine number 3280309, is a numbers-matching example according to the included Porsche COA. It is finished in factory colors of Irish Green (6806) over Black Leatherette. Production completion date is listed as 10/20/1967 and it was well equipped from the factory including Wood Steering Wheel, Koni Shock Absorbers, Loudspeaker, Talbot style exterior mirror on the left, ventilated chrome wheels, and Pirelli Tires (165/15). Not much is known on the early history of the car but the current owner purchased the 911 out of the Pacific Northwest area approximately 5 years ago. During their custodianship, the current owner completed photo documented work to the engine, body, and components of the vehicle. A new coating of Irish Green Paint was skillfully laid down on the exterior of the car while keeping the interior in its nice original condition. All parts used in refreshing this car were either original or NOS. A complete top end rebuild was completed but the case was not split so it does leak a bit. The suspension and brake systems were gone through and all new parts were used in refreshing these two systems. Koni shocks were placed on all four corners and GTV6 Brembo front calipers were added. An alignment was completed and the pedal box was gone over as well. The car is currently completely rust free and the front pan and battery box were professionally replaced in the proper manner which includes drilling out the old spot welds and spot welding the new body pieces in place. The car currently wears properly date coded 5.5-inch fuch wheels instead of the steel ventilated chrome wheels indicated on the COA although the spare is of the correct type. Overall this car has been thoroughly gone through and anything that needed refreshing was taken care of. Currently, the car needs nothing and is ready to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Included with the sale of this car is the COA, books, tools, and the spare.

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Body And Paint
The fresh Irish Green paint was skillfully done and remains in excellent condition, with good color throughout and nice even consistency across the entire car. The body is likewise in excellent condition with smooth and trouble free body panels and consistent body and panel gaps all around.

Glass And Trim
All windows appear in good condition with no real issues of note. Side windows, wing windows, and the rear glass are all stamped Sekurit, while the front window is branded Lamisafe. The chrome pieces of the exterior all have a nice shine to them. There are some scratching and minor pitting in areas but all trim pieces including the bumpers remain in fantastically presentable condition. Most of the rubber components are in great shape although in some areas, especially around the rear window glass the rubber trim appears a bit older and has some drying and cracking but still appears structurally sound. The Cibie headlights are in good condition with no cracking although there is a small amount of pitting in the glass present. The chrome headlight bucket trim rings are nice and bright but a little scratching on them in a spot or two. Turn signals and marker lights, both front, and rear, are free of cracking, even around the screw mounting holes.

The car currently wears 4 properly date coded 5.5-inch Fuch wheels (rather than the chrome versions listed on the COA) that are in good condition. There is some road debris marking on them and some slight rub marks around the edge of the rim but overall they are very presentable and of excellent driver quality.

Notable Flaws
The rubber trim around the rear window is a bit aged and is currently dry and cracking although structurally sound. The car currently wears good driver quality, date coded, 5.5-inch Fuchs instead of the Chrome Ventilated style wheels indicated on the COA, a stylistic decision and one we fully support as the appeal of Fuchs on a 911 is undeniable.

Seats And Surfaces
The Black Leatherette interior has been preserved in fantastic original condition. The seating surfaces are smooth and have excellent color. The fill of the seats remains nice and robust and the only real issue is a small crack forming in the top corner of the driver side seat. Both headrests are in place and in good condition. The carpets throughout the interior remain in great original condition with some minor soiling in areas but good color and minimal wear. The door cards are in great shape and well trimmed with door pockets that close nice and tight. Aftermarket “racing type” belts have been fitted and they in good shape with a bit of soiling on the belts. The rubber mats covering the floors are in good shape with nice color and minimal wear. The wood-rimmed steering wheel compliments the car exquisitely and is in fantastic shape with good color and nice smooth wood. The dash top is in good condition, a bit wavy in places but with no cracking or pulling present. The headliner is in fantastic shape, nice and tight with no staining present. The metal trimmed dash front has a good shine and consistent original quality to it.

Functionality And Accessories
The gauges have a nice original look to them, with good color but a bit of yellowing to the white areas. The faces a clean and clear leaving all the gauges easily readable. They all appear to function as they should, displaying their respective readings. Interior lights mounted in the ceiling come on when the doors are open. Currently, there is no radio fitted and a Porsche branded radio delete plate sits in place. The rest of the knobs and switch-gear are in good original looking condition and appear to function as they should. The gear selector moves easily through its range of motion and the emergency brake holds the car in place with ease. Door opening buttons and window winders work as they should although the windows are a bit tough to wind down and the tracks may need to be greased to ease operation.

Notable Flaws
There is a small cracking forming in the top of the nice original, seat. The windows do not roll up and down as easy as they should and the tracks may need to be greased in order to ease operation.

Engine Bay
The engine bay was completely gone through and is finished nicely with a clean, tidy and correct appearance. Painted surfaces appear nice and colorful and plated surfaces are smooth and shiny. The air box has good original look to it with decent paint but a bit of patina forming on the inlet. The carbs are nice and clean with no signs of leakage etc. All wires, tubes, and hoses appear relatively new with no real issues to note. Correct clamps and stickers can be found throughout, all lending to a clean and correct looking engine compartment.

Trunk Area
The front trunk is missing its pesky carpeting, an easy fix, but certainly less of a headache than trying to constantly get the pieces to line up properly! The rest of the trunk area is nicely finished with consistent painted surface and clean looking metal throughout. The battery box and floor pan were properly replaced that the time of the cars refreshing. Old spot welds were drilled out, the panels were put into place and new spot welds laid down, providing a nice correct appearance. The newer Interstate battery is held in place with the correct tie down and the proper chrome spare is in place. Body tags and stampings are placed in their correct areas. Opening the storage compartment or “hell hole” shows a bit of dust but clean and solid metal throughout. The underhood light functions as it should when opening the bonnet, a rare occurrence indeed!

Notable Flaws
The pesky front carpet is missing, but is readily available should the next owner deem it necessary.

The car benefits from a recent top end rebuild and thorough mechanical refreshening and it really shows in the running nature of the engine. The engine fires right to life with a quick turn of the key and settles into a smooth idle. The sound emitting from the NOS Abarth quad-tip exhaust sounds fantastic! The engine revs freely and makes fantastic power throughout the rpm range. There is no stumbling or dead spots in the throttle.

The clutch feels good, light and responsive, with good feedback and takeup. The transmission shifts easily through gears and holds excellent power. It should be noted that the transmission housing does leak a little bit, but nothing to worry over.

Brakes And Suspension
Both the braking system and the suspension system were entirely gone through at the time of refreshing. New Koni suspension was skillfully installed on all four corners and GTV6 brembo calipers were installed up front. Due to these refreshment upgrades the cars road manners are fantastic with nice responsive and compliant suspension and fantastic braking ability. No issues to note here.

The car is currently fitted with a newer set of Michelin XWX tires in 165/15 on all four corners. They are in excellent condition and the vintage look of the tires compliments the car superbly.

Classic Porsche 911s have seen a spike in collectability in the past few years and there are numerous reasons behind that but one of the biggest reasons is the pure enjoyment of the driving experience. The 911 has always had an exquisite blend of creature comforts and a raw visceral driving experience. This particular 1968 Porsche 911 certainly fits that criteria. The new Irish green paint on the exterior means that it is visually stunning going down the road and mechanical refreshment means that it is fantastic to drive with excellent power and beautiful road manners. From turn in to heavy braking, this car performs exactly as you would expect. The lack of a radio in the beautifully original interior makes complete sense as you wind un the engine and listen to the glorious howl of the air-cooled flat-six through the NOS quad-tip Abarth exhaust. This is a very properly sorted Porsche and is an ideal example to thoroughly drive, enjoy and even show at the myriad of various Porsche events springing up these days.

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