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1983 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole
£ 48,107.88 (€ 54,215.22)($ 60,000.00)

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The Ferrari 308 was introduced at the 1975 Paris Motor Show and was intended as a direct replacement to the 246 Dino. The decision was made to upgrade the engine to V-8 rather than the V-6 utilized in the Dino and styling was drastically changed going from the smooth curves of the 246 to the now iconic wedge shape penned by Pininfarina. Offered initially as only a coupe (GTB) the Targa model (GTS) was later introduced in 1977. Carburation was replaced by Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection in 1980, leading to the model designation being changed to 308 GTBi and GTSi. Two years later, in 1982, the constant quest for more power led to the engine displacement being increased to 2.9-Liters and a new four-valve head was introduced, giving the new car the quattrovalvole designation. The 308 saw excellent sales and a 10-year production run before it was replaced in 1985 by the similarly styled but upgraded 328.

The example on offer here, chassis number ZFFMA13AXD0045303 and engine number 00053 is a 1983 model year 308 GTSi. It retains the same metallic silver with black lower trim and red interior as it left the factory with. The car is a two owner vehicle with the current owner having purchased the 308 from the original owner. According to the provided service records for the car which go back to 1983, the car was delivered new to California and received its 1200 mile service at Ferrari of Los Gatos. Records indicate the car being serviced regularly and living its life in the Sacramento area up until at least 1998 and the provided CarFax shows the car being located in California until at least 2004 with the last entry showing it passing emission inspection in California with an indicated mileage of 37,103 on 9/13/2004. The original owner then moved to Arizona bringing the car with him. The current owner purchased the car in 2015 from Arizona and has since enjoyed the car and serviced it regularly at a number of reputable specialists in his home state of Maryland. The most recent service records are from June of 2017 and show work done to the electrical system, CV boots as well as a thorough inspection of some other major components of the car. As it currently sits, the car is a long-term enthusiast owned, driver quality example that has been well cared for mechanically. There are some issues here and there cosmetically but it would make for the perfect example to thoroughly drive and enjoy.

Included with the car are the original window sticker, books, tools, spare, jack, and service records.

Body And Paint
The car still wears the same colors that it left the factory with, a nice Metallic Silver with boxer style Black lower section. The paint would best be deemed as driver quality, showing a nice consistent finish with good color but some noticeable imperfections around the car. The biggest area of issue is the European style front spoiler which has a substantial amount of rock chipping and flecking of the paint. There is additional stone peppering on the front of the car from normal usage as well as some light scratching on the top of the driver's side fender a dime size ding in the body. There is some cracking of the paint along the edges of the rear buttresses where they meet the body of the car as well as a noteworthy ding where the rear clamshell contacted the roofline during a careless opening. The rear end of the car contains some minor chips in the paint as well, consistent with the driver quality condition. With the exception of some small minor issues, the body is nice and straight with respectable body gaps all the way around.

Glass And Trim
The glass windows are in decent shape, overall clean and clear. The windshield displays some delaminating around the outer edges, but the original emissions sticker is still fitted in the lower corner. The glass contains a number of different stampings with some reading Sekurit and some reading Sicursiv, and the wing windows have Ferrari of Los Gatos stickers affixed to them. The headlight glass is clean and fog free. The front orange indicator light housings display some minor spider cracking in the plastic, however, the rear taillight plastics are clean and clear. The front rubber bumper is a bit faded and has some cracking on the outer edge of the driver's side. The rear bumper is similarly faded and has a crack in the center where it appears someone may have backed up into something carelessly. Some of the painted trim around the windows is cracking and faded, some of the anodized trim is likewise faded a bit. Rubber trim around windows is in serviceable condition, with a bit of fading but structurally solid still.

The classic Campagnolo five-spoke wheels are in decent shape with good color but displaying some pitting and minor rash to them. Center caps are bright in color and clean, showing no cracking.

Notable Flaws
The exterior of the car is very much so driver quality and as such display a number of flaws from heavy chipping and flaking of the front Euro spoiler to cracking of the rubber bumpers. Please refer to the comprehensive photos for a better idea of the flaws present.

Seats And Surfaces
The red leather interior is a beautiful contrast to the exterior of the car. Although maintained well, the interior is currently in what would best be deemed a driver quality state, like the exterior of the car. The leather on the door cards displays some staining around the wing windows as well as marking on the top edges. The seats remain in good condition with nice bright color but it is believed that at least portions of them have had the leather touched up over the years. Bolsters are decent with some slight wear showing on the edge of the driver's side exterior bolster as well as on the outer edge of the driver side headrest. Seat surface and stitching all appear well kept. The carpets retain good color and an even weave that shows minimal wear. The steering wheel shows a bit of patina in the leather but retains good stitching all the way around. The dash is a bit wavy in a few spots but has good color and displays minimal pulling around the edges.

Functionality And Accessories
All the switches, knobs, dials and levers appear in good, possibly original condition. The power windows move up and down albeit in a slow manner. The windshield wipers operate as they should. Turn signals function well as do the hazard lights. The AC appears to blow cold air but the fans do make an odd noise while it is on. headlights function well and pop up and down in a synchronous manner. The radio also functions as it should. The gauges are all clear and legible with nice color to them and clean glass in front of them. The clock functions as it should. The speedometer currently reads 10 miles off and sits at 10 MPH when the car is at a stop. The emergency brake holds the car firmly and the gated shifter moves easily through its range of motion.

Notable Flaws
There is some staining on the leather of the door cards as well as chips in the leather on the upper edges. Minor discoloration to some of the leather on the center stack as well as the emergency brake boot cover.

Engine Bay
This car has been well cared for mechanically and it shows in the presentation of the engine bay. The crinkle finish on the air box is nice and dark, the red intake manifold has excellent color and only minor chipping of the paint. Additional painted surfaces are in good order as well. Hoses, tubing, and wires appear in good cosmetic condition and look well kept after. There are no visible signs of any mechanical issues with the car.

Trunk Area
The rear trunk area is in good shape with good tight cover that zips nicely, often an area of issue with these cars. The carpeting of the trunk area is clean with good color. The jack roll is affixed to the trunk with its appropriate rubber strap tie down. The front trunk houses the correct factory spare in an overall clean and tidy area. The black plastic cover shows good color and no cracking. It appears that the radiator has been replaced by a newer unit at some point recently as the condition of it looks a bit newer than the rest of the area.

The underside of the car again displays as driver quality with visible signs of use such as scratching in the paint on some of the lower components but overall consistent with the mileage and the age.

The engine fires right to life and sounds healthy. It settles easily into a consistent idea and revs freely. It makes good power throughout the RPM range although some minor stumbles were noted in the lower RPM’s during our brief testing.

The clutch pedal feels a bit heavy, but this is common to these cars. Engagement point and pickup are good however and the transmission hold power nicely. It shifts easily between gears with no issues and holds power well. The shifter feels a bit notchy going into gear but functions perfectly fine.

Brakes And Suspension
The brakes feel responsive and bite nicely with no shimmy or noises under braking. The suspension feels compliant and solid with good turn in, great highway manners, and minimal body roll.

The Michelin TRX-B tires were put on the car in November of 2015 with around 38,000 miles on them and remain in good condition with plenty of tread life left.

Driving a 308 provides a superb visceral experience. The V-8 engine provides an excellent soundtrack and the gated shifter gives an awesome rewarding clink of sliding into gear when shifting at high speeds. The seating position is typically Italian, low to the ground with a tight pedal box but feels fantastic when piloting the car down the road. This particular 308 has been well looked after mechanically and provides for a very well driving car. There are some minor cosmetic issues that could be fixed should a future owner choose to venture down that path but for the most part, this car remains the perfect example to drive and enjoy regularly.

  • Exterior Colour Metallic Silver
  • Interior Colour Red Leather
  • VIN CODE ZFFMA13AXD0045303
  • Drive LHD