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50th Anniversary "Shelby" Daytona Cobra Coupe - CSX9999
£ 513,527.79 (€ 577,367.51)($ 700,000.00)
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“Ferrari’s Ass Is Mine” Carroll Shelby, Sebring 1963

Shortly after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959, many people thought Carroll Shelby had retired at the peak of his racing career, however he was just getting started. Already a world-renowned motorsports legend, the charismatic Texan turned his attention to building on his name and reputation by producing his own sports cars with a world class racing team to showcase their efforts.

In 1962, Shelby introduced the Shelby Cobra roadster; a fast, lightweight sports car with classic lines and American V8 power that immediately put the world on notice that he was in the game to produce winners. By 1963, Shelby’s team of powerful Ford-engined Cobra racers had won the United States Road Racing Championship, but he was looking over the eastern horizon at Europe with an even larger prize, the FIA’s World Championship for GT cars. This would be no easy task as the competition from established winners like Jaguar, Aston-Martin and even Ferrari, the Italian juggernaut that had dominated the series for three years, could be counted upon to provide fierce competition across two continents and six countries.

Shelby faced numerous challenges in arriving at a competitive solution for his European challengers, but the primary foe was invisible – Air (specifically resistance!) Although his Ford-powered roadsters had been almost unbeatable on America’s shorter, twisty tracks, the fabled European high-speed circuits on which his team would be required to compete, like Le Mans, Reims and Spa-Francorchamps, required top speeds approaching 200 MPH. Air resistance at those speeds prevented Shelby’s Cobra roadsters from exceeding 165 MPH. Enter Peter Brock, Shelby’s talented young designer who had already penned the lines for Chevrolet’s stunning Sting Ray Corvette while working at GM Design in 1959. Brock’s interest in aerodynamics finally convinced his skeptical boss that the answer to his problem lay in an unconventional shape that would allow higher speeds, but even more importantly, greater fuel efficiency.

With a solid sense of engineering coupled with a fine sense of aesthetics, Brock hatched one of the most storied race cars of all time, the Daytona Cobra Coupe. With its then-controversial signature shape, accented by a chopped Kamm tail, Brock’s bare aluminum Daytona proved fast right out of the box. Built on the Cobra roadster’s proven chassis, Shelby test driver Ken Miles shattered the Riverside Raceway lap record on the Daytona’s first time out, even before his crew had time to adjust tire pressures! In the following weeks, the Daytona Coupe set lap records at Daytona, Sebring, Spa-Francorchamps and even Le Mans, where drivers Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant took the season’s most coveted GT victory at record speed. More wins followed over the next year until on July 4th 1965, Bondurant would take the checker at the 12 hours of Reims in France to win the coveted FIA World GT Championship for America, Ford and Shelby. Later that year, in a fitting end to the design’s stellar career, one of Shelby’s six Daytona Coupes set 23 FIA international speed records at the Bonneville Salt flats in America.

To this day, the Daytona Cobra Coupe and Shelby American still stand as the only American manufacturer and team winners of an FIA Championship.

Only six original Daytona Cobra Coupes were produced by the Shelby American team in the car’s short but brilliant racing career. Auction experts now believe that if any one of those six were to reappear on the open market it would likely fetch upwards of $20 million USD! The recent announcement that Shelby American would again produce a limited run of Daytona Cobra Coupes, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of its 1965 FIA win, has created a thrill of excitement for motorsports enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

CSX 9999 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe 

CSX 9999 is the last of the series of 50 Anniversary Daytona Cobra Coupes produced by Shelby American and is owned by key members of Shelby leadership team. Its highly-polished, aero-efficient, all-aluminum form enfolds a reproduction of the Cobra Daytona Coupe chassis that won the FIA’s World Championship for GT cars in 1965. 

This car comes with a period correct 289 Ford V8 engine that has been internally enlarged to 364 CID to produce in excess of 500 BHP. An updated Tremec TKO 600 (5) speed transmission has been installed to handle the engine’s extra power. This highly improved engine/transmission combination has been matched with a stronger 3:54 aluminum differential with an oil cooler which completes the running gear that makes this car race-track or museum ready. It is equipped with all the same suspension, steering and cooling system modifications that made these unique thoroughbred racers so fast and easy to drive.

This particular car has been personally signed by Bob Bondurant, the same man who drove CSX 2601 to the FIA World’s Championship in 1965, and Peter Brock, the man who penned the car’s iconic lines.

CSX 9999 has been featured in the Shelby American Museum in Las Vegas and is offered as a complete package at $700,000 USD including a Peter Brock designed Aerovault Mk II trailer.

Peter Brock designed Aerovault Mk II trailer for Daytona Cobra Coupe

When Peter Brock designed the world-beating Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe, low aerodynamic drag and minimum weight were his two main design priorities. The shape was considered pretty radical for its time but its performance soon convinced the world that accepted conventional wisdom in automotive design wasn’t necessarily the best solution.

Since the laws of physics hadn’t changed, he applied that same design ideal for a personal car hauler. After looking at what others offered, Peter saw that all existing solutions were square and heavy with excessive frontal area and an exposed underside with axles and framing grabbing the air; the exact opposite of the specifications that he knew were most efficient on the road.

The end result is the Aerovault MKII; an all-aluminum and composite, aerodynamic trailer with a fully skinned underside that tows like a dream, even with an SUV.

A good car hauler requires certain qualities that can’t be compromised. Aerovaults are delivered as complete solutions for ease of efficiency and over the road pleasure. Frontal area and weight is kept to a minimum to make the Aerovault the most efficient car hauler available anywhere in the world… perfect for a World Champion like the newly minted 50th Anniversary Daytona Cobra Coupe.


• Aluminum control arms with bearings
• Original style leaf suspension, Tubular style
• Coupe roller frame, steel powder coated (3”)
• Polished aluminum body and brushed aluminum stripes
• 35 gallon stainless steel fuel tank
• ½ shafts, motor mounts, and transmission mounts
• Wilwood 4 Piston Caliper brakes
• 3:54 aluminum differential with oil cooler
• Trigo FIA wheels
• Goodyear racing tires
• Shocks
• Lights: Headlights, taillights and turn signals
• Wood steering wheel
• Radiator tubes and throttle cables
• Parking brake, handle and cables
• Latches-handle, bonnet and rear hatch
• Stainless Exhaust
• Halon fire suppression system
• Cold Air Box, Webers
• Heat Shield on foot boxes
• Shelby leather surfaced seats
• Engine and Special Options

• Sound deadening and heat dissipation systems
• 289 364 CID 500 HP (with Webers)
• Tremec TKO 600 (5) Speed Transmission
• Aluminum flywheels, clutch, bell housing, billet throw out bearing
• Custom 50th Anniversary Daytona Coupe car cover
• Wheel well foam and gold foil in engine pan
• Gold foil under side pipes
• Extra welding blanket under stainless steel heat shields
• Extra ceramic insulation in rocker sills.
• Extra Racing Billet Options

• Door hinges
• Rear glass frame
• Pedal box cover
• Oil differential cooler scoop in belly pan
• Radiator scoop in belly pan
• Wind deflectors

Signed by Peter Brock (Original Designer) and Bob Bondurant (Winning Driver 1965)