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1988 Land Rover Range Rover - New arrival
£ 34,446.54 (€ 39,750.00)($ 47,254.76)

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It does not get any more serious. The previous owner and commissioner of this conversion knew exactly what his prefect Range Rover should look like. An indestructible 6.2 litre V8 diesel, no turbo’s, attached to a manual 5-speed gearbox, a raised roof, a stretched bodywork and everything anyone could possible need to be self-sufficient when navigating across the globe. The is a true “Overland Range Rover”. This car was built with only one intention in mind: To travel from Switzerland to the Artic Cape, through Siberia, to England and then back to Switzerland, a 24,000 km trip! Nothing was left to chance during this conversion. Lets run through the car’s attributes from front to back in order not to overlook anything. The front sports a metal bumper with an inbuilt winch, improved cooling, extra illumination and headlight guards. The bonnet was given a special coat of black paint to prevent reflections.

The 6.2 Litre V8 breaths through two snorkels on each side of the cabin. These snorkels reduce the amount of dust sucked into the engine and allows for deep water transversal. The car stands on General Grabber All Terrain tyres with good profiles. Underneath the car and the bodywork have been treated with a high strength paint giving extra protection from gravel impact. Naturally the car has been given protective plating to the engine, cooling system and differentials. On the roof there is extra lighting, a solar panel, spare wheel and a roof box. On both sides special frame have been mounted with metal tracks, extra diesel tanks, a shovel and extra suitcases. At the rear we see the plastic bumper being replaced with a much sturdier metal one also improving the amount of clearance when at an angle. The latter is also significantly helped by the presence of a so-called lift kit meaning that ground clearance is never a problem. The standard rear glass window has been replaced with a synthetic extra insulating window. There is also addition lighting at the rear just in. case one needs to work on the car in the middle of nowhere in the dark. Inside the car the same amount of attention to detail is evident. Whilst internal space is at a premium, with smart division maximal use has been made of it. There is sleeping space for two adults, a kitchen and more than ample storage under the bed and in the storage cupboards. The quality is second to none. Furthermore the car has been very well insulated and supplied with extra dashboard meters to monitor the car’s vital organs when driving. The stand by heater keeps cold nights at bay. The cable loom has been fully adjusted to cope with all the car’s additional paraphernalia such as the solar panel inverter and extra batteries. All the electrics have been properly fused and is easy to work in case of a minor calamity occurring. It is quite rightly a very special car.

There isn’t any land journey imaginable you couldn’t undertake in this car. The car was converted by the same specialist responsible for the Swiss Camel trophy entry, proper and knowledgeable enthusiasts thus. This fact is exemplified even more so by the huge amount of documentation present. Absolutely every addition has been documented taking away any headaches one might encounter when it comes to repairing or maintaining the car. A small fortune of over € 100,000.- was invested. The car is still in top quality condition. The engine runs perfectly, the gear change is precise, the bodywork and underneath are rust-free and the interior is in wonderful condition.

This car will offer you the opportunity to benefit from an ultimate labour of love. It matters not wether you plan to travel for months on end with your partner or just use it to go camping locally; this Range Rover is up to the task. Be assured your are prepared for all eventualities. It is quite likely you will enjoy getting there as much as being there as the journey is this Range Rover’s destination.

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  • Body Types Terreinwagen
  • Transmission Manual
  • Exterior Colour White
  • Interior Colour Grey
  • Drive LHD