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1956 Vespa Struzzo 150 VL3T
£ 6,510.74 (€ 7,400.00)($ 8,162.94)

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At the end of 1954, in addition to the 125 and 150 GS models, another version with a 150 cc displacement was also introduced in series, which though adopting the same volume as the GS had a less sporty vocation. At that time, therefore, for the first time Piaggio listed the Vespa in three different versions, with prices ranging from 128,000 liras for the 125, 148,000 for the 150 and 178,000 for the GS. The new Vespa 150 (frame prefix VL), included a new diecast headlight that incorporated the odometer and the spare wheel (always provided as an accessory) positioned transversely behind the shield. However, the most important technical innovation concerned the engine, which was the subject of particular attention during the definition phase. In the new 150, the "rectangular" engine (58.5 x 54 mm) already used in the Ape was examined in the beginning, but was later discarded due to the rather irregular minimum, a defect not very noticeable in the motorcycle but unacceptable for a vehicle like the Vespa. For this reason it was decided to introduce the "square" motor (57 x 57 mm) in series, which allowed to reach the same displacement with a lower bore. Depending on this choice the loads on the piston flow rates, on the pin, on the big end and on the main bearings would have decreased. The consequence was a better carburetion and a slight reduction in consumption. In order to avoid then the bell ringing of the cold engine, the piston was inferiorly lengthened by 3 mm and provided with bridges at the base, so as to reduce the possible deformation of the mantle. Consequently, to completely guide the piston, the cylinder was also lengthened in the lower part so as to completely guide the piston, and the barrel was increased in thickness and also provided with bridges at the base: the motor suitable for the Vespa 150 was born VL.

The specimen exhibited at the Piaggio Museum belongs to the third series (VL3), a version which, compared to the previous ones, stood out for its saddle with a single spring rear suspension, for the different shape of the headlight and for the adoption of a new odometer in depth clear scale. On 28 April 1956, the millionth Vespa built was celebrated at the heart of the construction of this model in Pontedera, a goal the result of unrepeatable success.

  • Exterior Colour White