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1924 Harley-Davidson JE 1200
£ 28,104.02 (€ 33,800.00)($ 36,504.00)

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After the conflict in 1920, the Harley-Davidson had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world; in the meantime, the hostilities ceased, many small American motorcycle causes disappeared, except for the scene dominated by 3 or 4 main brands. It was presented in 67 countries around the world producing as many as 28.189 motorcycles. Meanwhile, the technical and sporting development of the twin-cylinder V-twins continues: in fact, on 28 April 1921 a milestone in the history of motorcycling was reached, when a Harley-Davidson was the first to reach 160 km / h (100 mph) . (1935), the typical tank called Teardrop (in English 'tear', already similar to the current tanks) (1925) During this period several innovations were introduced, including a new 1,200 (74 in3) cm³ V-twin cylinder engine (1922) and the front brake (1928). However, as early as 1926, the company decided to withdraw from the competition due to strong investment and sales declines, due not only to the economic crisis, but also to the great success, the first part of transportation for the Americans, just one of the motorcycles (see the success of the famous Ford Model T, which boasts a selling price similar to that of the larger HD). At the beginning of the 30s, only for manufacturers remained in business: the Indian and the applause at Harley-Davidson (not by chance I had more manufacturers and two more traditional brands), with the failure of many brands such as the famous Excelsior -Henderson Motorcycle. It should be noted that in 1937 the American company presents a new more modern engine, equipped with overhead valves and cylinders of 1,000 cc, capable of competing with the Big twin models of Indian (the so-called Harley-Davidson Knucklehead that will remain in production until 1947).

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