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1974 Tecnomoto Sport Special 50
£ 3,475.33 (€ 3,950.00)($ 4,357.25)

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Among the most prestigious sporting fifties starts at the beginning of the '70s, this "Speciale" should certainly be included, produced in the province of Modena. The Tecnomoto of Vignola (MO), a family-run business managed by Vittorio Pellegrini, had already dealt with in this segment with the Sport Special sport of 1969, it is a request, with a cooled thermal group, a real exclusivity for the time. Strong of that experience also strengthened by participation in speed competitions in the circuit, at Tecnomoto in a new frame, robust and well sized, on which the Special is assembled. The engine is known and ultracollaudato F. Morini 4MP / S Turbo, with four-speed gearbox. This model is supplied with the small Dell'Orto 14/12 carburetor, which complies with the law: in fact the period of the cunning is in fact being exhausted. Exports came to dealers already equipped with carburettors with 19 or 20 mm diffusers. The rivals are numerous and fierce (Malanca Testarossa, Aprilia Colibrì, Guazzoni Matta, Texts Champion, etc.). And do things right for you to compete in this crowded sector. If the engine is nothing more than what is shown by the competition, the cycling concept is quite different, a real strong point of this "Made in Vignola" scooter. The suspension department can count on a valuable hydraulic fork (Bonazzi and Gambetta) with 30 mm diameter and a pair of shock absorbers also a hydraulic braking. Also I am very nice, with a brake a front four-chamber drum with dynamic periscope air intakes and an equally efficient back drum of 118 mm in diameter. I also refined refined aluminum rims, with high rim, made by San Remo. Beautiful also the handlebars of the Verlicchi and the back controls, with the change that offers the possibility of "fine" adjustment of the lever position.

The line is slender thanks to the presence of a long tank in fiberglass that is well connected to the single-seater tail, made in the same instrument. Detail (on the tank) the presence of two taps (complete with visible filter) and a vent pipe typical of racing motorcycles. The mudguards are made of steel and have a special sharp shape, with the front mounted close to the steering wheel, the same material also for the trolley. The tires are both 2¼, with the front one with a striped tread. On the whole there is a bit of the "dated" headlight, which still offers a functional ignition key. In short, a fireball that certainly does not go unnoticed and that lends itself well to an elaboration just by virtue of an excellent part of the canvas. Turbo Star by Franco Morini, which can count on a 5-speed gearbox and a nice radial heat unit, or with the new 4M / R, always supplied by the same Bolognese motorist.

Tecnomoto also renews the suspension department and on the special mount both the fork (still with 30 mm stems) and the shock absorbers of the Ceriani, both a hydraulic braking, practically the best of what the market offered. I will also change brakes, which will be of Gri.Me.Ca, with the front a double braking, performed but less exclusive than the previous Mozzi Motor. Even the pigtail will be the object of restyling, and the colors will be the bright ones so popular in those years, but the overall line of the vehicle will remain unchanged until 1975, when production will cease. Tecnomoto has also ended its adventure here, but its Special and Super Sport still remain an example of Italian imagination and ingenuity in the construction of motorcycles.

  • Exterior Colour Yellow/Red