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1971 Romeo Monster P6
£ 2,046.00 (€ 2,450.00)($ 2,646.25)

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Romeo was an Italian motorcycle company, founded in 1961, renamed Motron in 1976, which ended its construction activity in 2000. It all started in Modena, in the late fifties, in the workshop of the brothers Edoardo Po and Ercole Po, a family company specialized in repairing and selling Cimatti bicycles and mopeds. Given the flourishing market, Edoardo Po decided to start the construction of mopeds, manufacturing frames to assemble engines and other components produced by specialized companies. Moreover, a strong encouragement also came from Vittorio Minarelli, willing to provide the engines with payment after the sale. The choice of the brand was made following the footsteps of another small company from Vicenza, which for some years appeared on the market: the Giulietta dei F.lli Peripoli. By contrast, the words Romeo dei F.lli Po were chosen. The first three models, the "Superturismo", the "Italia" and the "Zeta", all powered by Minarelli engines, were put on sale in 1961. Also thanks to the great demand for cheap mopeds of the time, the local success was immediate and encouraged Romeo to expand the range and expand their sales horizons. With this in mind, the "Sprint Sport", "Sprint Supersport" and "Sprint Veloce" models were born. Naturally, the names "Sprint" and "Veloce", coupled with the "Romeo" brand, had the intent of recalling the enormous technical and sporting prestige that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint had acquired in Italy and beyond.

These mopeds were immediately appreciated by the young users of the time and crossed the boundaries of the regional market, thanks to the careful sales strategy of the "patron", who supplied them directly to the dealers on sale. Following the economic boom, in the second half of the sixties, the moped market experienced a formidable increase in sales, having also become a means of entertainment for the very young. In 1968 the "Fujihama", the first cross-country moped of the brand. Equipped with a lightweight single-hoist frame and an enhanced engine, the "Fujihama" immediately became an object of desire for many kids of the time, but did not come to be mass produced, opposed by the rigid conceptions of structural safety of Edoardo Po. sasso, however, had been launched and Romeo had demonstrated the ability to make mopeds exclusively designed for the entertainment of fourteen-year-olds. The new model "Pedrito" with low wheels, presented in 1970 and designed for female users, received considerable commercial success. In the spring of 1971, resolving the structural problems by creating double-cradle frames closed in steel pipes of generous dimensions, Romeo produced two models destined to achieve a lasting sales success: the Monster, in touring or sports the Scorpion cross, both equipped with Minarelli engines "P4" and "P6". To these was added, in 1973, the model Tentation, progenitor of a successful series of tubules, remained in production until the nineties. Regarding the sports sector, in the early seventies Romeo started a collaboration with the Florentine Fabrizio who, for a couple of years, was a sort of "detached racing department" of Romeo. On the cross-country courses of the Italian championship and the various regional championships, the Romeo-Fabrizio obtained valuable results. The requests also rained heavily on foreign markets, forcing the company to organize night shifts to meet orders. Soon, Romeo found herself having to face a qualitative leap that seemed inevitable.

The mid-seventies saw the construction of the new production site and the entry into the company of the sons of Edoardo Po, Ermanno and Adriano, who immediately wanted to modernize the brand, first with Motrom (acronym MOTORI ROMeo), then modified in Motron to order to eliminate the assonance with the Motom competing brand. The most famous mopeds of the Motron company are the SV3 tubes, then SV3-R, GL 4 Flash and finally GTO, whose sales success made the term Motron become an indication of the tubular mopeds produced by the Modenese company. Over the years the company has changed following the evolution of the moped market and sells the Gto, Sting, Spike and Sinkro models thanks to the transformation from a manufacturing company to a purely commercial company. In fact, the entire range produced by Motron is assembled abroad.

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