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1953 Gilera Piuma 500
£ 44,899.91 (€ 54,000.00)($ 58,320.00)

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Libero Liberati (Terni, September 20, 1926 - Terni, March 5, 1962) was an Italian motorcycle racer winner of a title in the motomondiale and called The Steel Knight and Ternano flying. After starting work at Terni's steel mills as a driver, he began competing in motorcycling in national races just after the end of World War II and won 4 victories in 1947, as well as in 1948, 1 in 1949 and 2 victories respectively in 1951 - 1952 - 1953 and 1954. He won the Italian Championship in 1955 and 1956. On October 19, 1947, he held the 2nd Circuit of Ferriere, who saw him as a winner on a 500cc³ Motorcycle Guzzi. Always in the same year in the Velodrome of Terni, on a motorcycle day, he performed on a 100 cm³ Alpine. In 1947 he also won at Chieti and Frosinone, always riding a Moto Guzzi. In the same year he received a Moto Guzzi Dondolino gift from his fellow countrymen and fellow workers thanks to a subscription. On July 4, 1948, the Circuit of the Steel Circuit was launched, a 10-kilometer-long stripe ring that included Viale B. Brin, Viale Campofregoso, Campomicciolo, Papigno, Viale B. Brin and was considered one of the most demanding circuits Italy. The first edition of the competition saw him always winner on Guzzi 500. In the same year he also won the Circuito di Spoleto and ranked first in Chieti and Frosinone, arriving second in the race of Cattolica and retiring in Caracalla race. On October 2, 1949, the third edition of the Steel Circuit was held (the second was held a few months earlier in the same year), valid as the sixth race of the Italian championship for 2nd category drivers, and was won by Liberati. He also came 2nd in Ancona and Urbino and 3rd in Bologna. In 1950 he participated in his first World Championship race with a Moto Guzzi. On July 29, 1951, Gilera Saturn won the 4th Steel Circuit, valid as the 5th test of the Grand Prix of F.I.M. For conductors of the 1st category. In the same year, with Saturn, he was ranked 1st in Casale Monferato, 10º in Codogno, 5º in Senigallia, 3º in Varese, 4º in Bergamo and retired to Ferrara. In 1952 Liberati was the victim of a bad accident in the race in Bern, with a spectacular flight of many meters. He was classified in this season: 1º in Parma, 1º in Terni, 1º in Voghera, 7º in Berne, 5º in Casale Monferrato, 2º in Senigallia, 8º in Monza. In 1953 and 1954 he came second in the 500 Seniors Italian Championship. In the first two years he also competed in other classes using Moto Morini. In 1955 Liberati obtained his first 500th Class Championship 500. He won the races in Naples (March 19); Sanremo (April 3rd); Imola (11 April); Finished second ranked in Reims (15 May); Second in Genoa (19 May); First in Senigallia (31 July), and first in Mestre (18 September). In 1956 he won the second consecutive Italian title winning in Modena (19 March); Second to Imola (2 April); First in Monza (May 6); Second in Faenza (20 May) and in Cesena (June 17); First in Sanremo (24 June); First in Senigallia (July 29). On the occasion of the Grand Prix of the Nations in Monza, 1956, he won in class 350 and came second behind his team-mate in Gilera, Geoff Duke, in 500.

The 1957 season saw him win the title in 500 thanks to the wins obtained in 4 of Six races on schedule. In the same competition he also won 3rd place in 350 with 1 win and 5 place on the podium on 6 races. During the season, however, a special episode occurred: at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix where he had first cut the finish line, he was disqualified by commissioners for alleged irregularities and the win was awarded to Jack Brett. He had to wait for the beginning of 1958 to see his rehabilitation and restoration of the original arrival order [1]. Also in 1957, Gilera organized a tour in South America and Liberati ranked first in competitions organized in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, G.P.di Mendoza, G.P. Mar de la Plata. The Italian Sports Press Union awarded him the best athlete of the year at the end of the year. 1957 is also the year of the abstention agreement signed by Gilera, Moto Guzzi and FB Mondial with Arcore's motorcycle house coming out of the competitions and Liberati who is without a stable. Liberati traveled with a private motorcycle and made an experience in the 1959s world with a Moto Morini in 250, returning to lead his old Gilera Saturn, without however being able to obtain particularly significant results between 1958 and 1960. In 1961 participated in 5 races of the Italian Seniors and International Championships, winning the Modena races (March 19th), tackling the fastest Norton thanks to Libero's intent to change Saturn's reports, and Genoa (June 1st). He came second in Cesenatico and third in Sanremo. In that '61 Liberati touched the Italian title of the 500, beaten by the official Bianchi bicilindrica of Ernesto Brambilla. In 1962 Gilera returned to the competition and Liberati began training to be in good shape for the start of the sport. On March 5, 1962, however, when he left for a training on State Road 209 Valnerina, he slipped on the wet road at the height of the Cervara curve, striking violently against the rocky wall. In vain, attempts were made to save him life. The mayor of Terni, during the funeral, commemorated him with: "You, the daring knight of our time, point us to a distant goal, the glorious landing of a life strongly and seriously committed ..." Liberati was also called "Il Steel Knight "to point out the rivalry with another great champion, Duke, who was known as the" Duke of Iron ", and to highlight his belonging to the" steel city "Terni, whose economy Is partly based on steel production. Liberati fell precisely between the places Vocabolo Valle and Cervara, in the exact place of the incident was placed a tombstone in memory of the Ternano champion. In 2010, the tombstone was moved about 50 meters further from the accident site for road changes.

A monument by Carlo Lorenzetti is in front of the Free Liberated Municipal Stadium (one of the few in Italy entitled to a champion of a sport other than football, meaning the great importance Liberati had for Terni, especially in difficult times Postwar period). Liberati is also called the 1018 meter long tunnel linking the Rieti-Terni freeway (Valnerina junction) to state road 209, near the place where he lost his life. One of the 4 used forklifts by the Libero Liberati driver. Motorcycle sold by Gilera to the Free Liberated Pilot. Original Documents.

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