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1973 Audi 100S

This Audi 100 S coupe was new delivered in 1973. This Audi was comprehensively restored in Belgium. The coupe is equipped with a marvellous paint combined with a black interior and wooden details on the dashboard. Both the in- and outside are in top...
The Netherlands
£ 31,134.00
(€ 35,086.49)
($ 38,830.23)
+31 416 751393

1952 Volkswagen Beetle

This is a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1, also known as Split window. The car is in restored condition. This VW has black paint combined with a beige cloth interior. The Beetle is driven by the 1.2 ltr, 4 cyl engine together with the 4 speed manual...
The Netherlands
£ 34,294.00
(€ 38,647.66)
($ 42,771.37)
+31 416 751393

1971 Ford Ranchero

This beautiful Ford Ranchero was built in 1971 and is one of the fifth generation of the Ranchero, a model from the distinctive American 'Coupe-utility' segment. This Ranchero is about 5 years ago provided with a new blue metallic paint and is...
The Netherlands
£ 21,950.00
(€ 24,736.57)
($ 27,375.97)
+31 416 751393

1967 - Mercedes-Benz - 200 Heckflosse

This beautiful Mercedes-Benz 200 Heckflosse was built in 1967 and performed in the beautiful colour Mittelblau (350) with beautiful chrome and chrome wheel covers. The luxuriously designed interior features light brown skai upholstery and the original rectangular clock in the dashboard. This very well maintained Mercedes Heckflosse with smooth engine and manual gearbox is very comfortable to drive. ER Classics has carried out various technical activities on this Mercedes-Benz. For example, the brakes have been completely overhauled, all steering ball joints replaced and a new clutch cylinder has been fitted. In short, a beautiful and well maintained Mercedes-Benz 200 Heckflosse that guarantees many beautiful rides.
The Netherlands
£ 21,254.00
(€ 23,952.22)
($ 26,507.93)
+31 416 751393

1959 - MG - MGA

This is a 1959 MGA Cabriolet. Comes from a real enthusiast who owned the car from 2008 to 2017. In those years approximately € 15,000 was invested in the car's technology, the invoices of which are available for inspection. The MG is therefore in a very nice and technically very good condition. In the past, the car has been upgraded with an MGA 1622 cc engine that provides more power and better driving performance. The car is executed in the very chic and popular colour combination of Old English White with a red leather interior. In short, a very nice and excellent driving MGA.
The Netherlands
£ 34,839.00
(€ 39,261.85)
($ 43,451.10)
+31 416 751393

1976 - Volkswagen - Beetle

This is a beautiful Volkswagen Beetle convertible from the year 1976. This car was extensively restored in the year 2010 and provided with a beautiful light gray paintwork. Furthermore, the beetle has a black interior, a black Sonnenland soft-top and light-alloy wheels. This reliable German cabriolet is equipped with a smooth 1600cc four-cylinder engine and a manual gearbox. A pleasure to drive, with comfortable space for four people! In short, a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet in very good condition with a beautiful color combination. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. In addition to this Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet, we have about 20 other Beetle Cabriolets available.
The Netherlands
£ 24,783.00
(€ 27,929.23)
($ 30,909.28)
+31 416 751393

1978 - Mercedes-Benz - 450SL

This Mercedes-Benz 450 SL W107 is equipped with the 195hp strong 4500cc V8. The paintwork is silver metallic in color and in good condition. The Mercedes cabriolet has a lot of luxury options including an automatic gearbox, electric windows, cruise control and a blue leather interior. Who doesn't know this legendary car from the hit TV series "DALLAS" in which Bobby Ewing made this car a true favorite of the audience. This Mercedes-Benz will offer a lot of driving pleasure, the powerful V8 engine and the smooth automatic gearbox make this car wonderful to drive with. We are happy to assist you if you want more information or want to schedule an appointment to view this beautiful Mercedes convertible.
The Netherlands
£ 27,640.00
(€ 31,148.93)
($ 34,472.53)
+31 416 751393

1959 - Opel - Rekord

This Opel Rekord Olympia 1500 Caravan was built in 1959 and was delivered to the first owner in Sweden. This Opel is equipped with a Rubinrot (808) paint with a white roof and chrome bumpers. The paint and chrome are in good condition. Very unique about this Opel is that it is a Caravan (station) version and has a rear seat. The interior of this German classic is covered with red and white upholstery which is in beautiful original condition. The 1488cc four-cylinder engine is coupled to a manual three-speed gearbox. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a Philips transistor radio and an roof rack. In short, a unique and rare Opel Rekord Olympia 1500 Caravan from 1959 in good condition!
The Netherlands
£ 18,402.00
(€ 20,738.15)
($ 22,950.92)
+31 416 751393

1976 - Citroen - Mehari

This is a 1976 Citroën Mehari. The car is in very good condition, has only driven 11.568 km and has had only 1 owner. This Mehari has the Vert Tibesti colour with a black interior and black soft top. This Citroën has the 602 CC, 2 cyl engine with a 4?speed manual gearbox. So a marvellous Citroën Mehari for lots of driving fun.
The Netherlands
£ 18,482.00
(€ 20,828.31)
($ 23,050.69)
+31 416 751393

1967 - Jaguar - E-type

This Jaguar E-type Series 1 Convertible was built in 1966 and delivered to the first owner in 1967 by Jaguar Cars New York, USA. The car has the matching numbers 4235cc 6-cylinder engine that is linked to the manual 4-speed gearbox. The Jaguar E-type was completely restored in our workshop in 2018-2019 and is therefore in absolute top condition. This jaguar has Opalescent Gun Metal Grey paint and the interior has blue leather upholstery, a beautiful combination. The car has a dark blue Sonnenland soft top. Are you looking for a completely restored Jaguar E-type Series 1 Convertible in absolute top condition, please contact us about this car.
The Netherlands
£ 184,276.00
(€ 207,670.02)
($ 229,828.47)
+31 416 751393

1998 - MG - F

Occasionally we come across unique cars. This MG F Cabriolet is such a unique one. This car was built in 1998 and delivered as a new car in the Netherlands. This owner has only driven 3192 kilometers with the MG in all those years! Of course, this very low mileage is proven by official National Auto Pass and inspection reports. We can therefore speak here of a car that is in new condition. The body with dark green paint, the beige Sonnenland soft-top and the beige leather interior are in fantastic condition. The smooth 1796cc four-cylinder engine with manual 5-speed gearbox ensures a wonderfully driving convertible. In short, a new MG F Cabriolet in new condition in the right colour with a unique low mileage.
The Netherlands
£ 18,515.00
(€ 20,865.50)
($ 23,091.85)
+31 416 751393

1962 - Volvo - P1800

This fantastic Volvo P1800 was built in 1962. Only 6,000 of this rare type of the P1800 were produced at the factory in England. This car was fully restored by ER Classics in 2019. No expense has been spared in this restoration to bring the Volvo in absolute top condition down to the smallest details. The engine and gearbox have also been overhauled. Are you looking for the most beautiful and best restored Volvo P1800 Jensen in the market? Then this is the car you are looking for. You are very welcome in our showroom in Waalwijk to come and see this Volvo.
The Netherlands
£ 91,745.00
(€ 103,392.12)
($ 114,424.09)
+31 416 751393

1966 - Volvo - P1800S

This is a beautiful Volvo P1800S Coupe that was delivered in the year 1966. This is the same year as the famous P1800S from 'The Saint' 'and the car is also in the same colour combination! The car is executed in the beautiful colour White combined with a black interior and red carpet. Furthermore, the car is powered by the 1782cc 4 cylinder B18 engine in combination with the 4-speed manual gearbox with overdrive. In short, a very good driving P1800S Coupe.
The Netherlands
£ 36,889.00
(€ 41,572.10)
($ 46,007.85)
+31 416 751393

2000 - Maserati - 3200

This beautiful Maserati 3200GT was delivered new in Germany in the year 2000. In 2003 this Maserati was registered in the Netherlands and has had only 2 owners since then. The original service and maintenance booklets are available. The Italian GT with 374 hp 3.217cc V8 engine and the 6-speed manual gearbox is performed in the stylish colour combination Maserati Blu (231.865) with a cognac leather interior. This dealer maintained Maserati 3200GT with low mileage is ready for a new enthusiast.
The Netherlands
£ 31,966.00
(€ 36,024.12)
($ 39,867.90)
+31 416 751393

1972 - Triumph - Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire MKIV that we offer for sale comes from a true enthusiast who has extensively restored this car. This cabriolet, built in 1972, is in excellent condition. The paintwork in the color yellow is in very nice condition, the chrome work on the Spitfire is original. The interior is equipped with black leather upholstery, also in beautiful condition. The 1296cc four-cylinder engine and manual gearbox with overdrive ensure that this Triumph Spitfire MKIV offers a lot of fun, every sunny kilometer! Are you looking for a beautifully restored Triumph Spitfire? Then this car is definitely worth a visit in our showroom.
The Netherlands
£ 15,428.00
(€ 17,386.60)
($ 19,241.76)
+31 416 751393

1983 - Saab - 99

The Swedish brand SAAB released the SAAB 99 in 1968 and until 1984 this model was built in Sweden. The SAAB that we offer for sale is from 1983 and is in excellent condition. The beautiful brown paintwork in combination with the gray velor upholstery is a feast for the eyes. Driving a car like this is moving yourself back in time, enjoying the ride and not the destination. Stopping at a terrace and enjoy touring through curvy country roads. This SAAB will delight you with its flexibility and powerful 1971cc engine, a lot of driving pleasure guaranteed!
The Netherlands
£ 9,603.00
(€ 10,822.11)
($ 11,976.83)
+31 416 751393

1997 - Porsche - Boxster

This Porsche Boxster was newly built in the year 1997 and is finished in a silver-gray lacquer color combined with a black soft-top. The interior of this Porsche is fitted with black leather upholstery. Furthermore, this convertible of German quality is equipped with climate control, seat heating, radio / CD player and an electrically open soft-top. This Porsche Boxster is powered by a 2480cc 6-cylinder boxer engine and can be driven very smoothly and comfortably. Since new, this Porsche has demonstrably only driven 59,250 kilometers. If you are looking for a well-cared for Porsche Boxster, then this one is definitely worth checking out in our showroom.
The Netherlands
£ 18,190.00
(€ 20,499.24)
($ 22,686.51)
+31 416 751393

1973 - Mercedes benz - 450SL

This Mercedes-Benz 450SL Cabriolet from the R107 series was built in 1973. The 4520cc V8 engine with automatic gearbox makes this cabriolet drive very well. The paintwork is light blue metallic with a dark blue Sonnenland soft-top and a dark blue interior. This classic car has several traces of use, view the photos carefully. Are you looking for a powerful German-made cabriolet for an attractive price to drive beautiful sunny kilometers? This Mercedes-Benz 450SL is present in our showroom, you are very welcome!
The Netherlands
£ 13,666.00
(€ 15,400.91)
($ 17,044.19)
+31 416 751393

1986 - Alfa Romeo - Spider

This Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 was built in the year 1986. This Italian convertible is finished in a silver-gray metallic paint with a beautiful dark blue Sonnenland soft-top. The interior has gray leather upholstery. This Alfa Romeo Spider is in very good condition and has only driven 66,090 kilometers since new. The 1984cc four-cylinder engine with manual gearbox is located under the hood. A wonderfully driving classic Alfa Romeo to enjoy during the summer rides.
The Netherlands
£ 17,326.00
(€ 19,525.55)
($ 21,608.94)
+31 416 751393

1987 - Mitsubishi - Colt

This is a brand new1987 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon. The Dodge Colt Vista was outside the United States available as the Mitsubishi Chariot. The car has been stored at a car dealer and has driven only 73 Miles. This car is executed in the colour combination Mauve together with a Cranberry cloth interior. Furthermore, the Colt is driven by the 1997CC 4 cylinder engine combined with the automatic gearbox. In short, a unique brand new Dodge Colt Vista Wagon for the collector.
The Netherlands
£ 13,669.00
(€ 15,404.29)
($ 17,047.94)
+31 416 751393

1977 - Mercedes - 280SLC

This is a Mercedes-Benz 280SLC Coupe from the year 1977. This original in Europe delivered W107 is in a beautiful condition and is executed in the original colour Astralsilber (735) combined with the luxurious dark blue Pullman interior. The smooth and matching numbers 2746CC 6 cylinder engine is coupled to the automatic gearbox. This beautiful SLC drives really fantastic and is ready for many enjoyable kilometers.
The Netherlands
£ 22,734.00
(€ 25,620.10)
($ 28,353.78)
+31 416 751393

1974 - BMW - 2002

Original delivery of this BMW 2002 Turbo Look was in Holland in 1974. The BMW has the Chamonix Weiss paint. The car has original Turbo details and alloy wheels. The matching numbers engine has double Weber carburettors and drives great. The interior is also derived from the Turbo and equipped with beautiful new black leather.
The Netherlands
£ 27,327.00
(€ 30,796.19)
($ 34,082.15)
+31 416 751393

1972 - Mercedes - 350SL

This Mercedes-Benz 350SL with the 3,459 cc V8 engine and automatic gearbox is in good condition. The 350SL was introduced by Mercedes in 1971 and was the replacement for the legendary Pagoda. This model was built until 1989. The Mercedes-Benz W107 got its world fame through the TV hit series "Dallas" in which Bobby Ewing with a car as sparkled in many living rooms. A car like this will give you that 70s feeling every time you get in and drive. A very comfortable German-quality Cabriolet that can easily be used in modern traffic, but that will tempt you every time to find the curvy country roads.
The Netherlands
£ 22,588.00
(€ 25,455.57)
($ 28,171.69)
+31 416 751393

1973 - Triumph -Spitfire

This Triumph Spitfire MKIV Cabriolet is in a very good condition, equipped with the smooth 1296cc four-cylinder engine which is coupled to the manual gearbox. Due to the low weight of the Triumph Spitfire, this is a very pleasant classic car to drive, also in modern traffic. With a lot of flexibility you will make wonderful tours with this car. On the outside, the chrome bumpers and chrome wheel rings contrast beautifully with the yellow paintwork. On the inside, the original three-spoke sports steering wheel, wooden tie-board and the luxury seats give this car the look and feel of a proper classic English Cabriolet.
The Netherlands
£ 13,519.00
(€ 15,235.25)
($ 16,860.86)
+31 416 751393

1974 - Volkswagen - Beetle

This beautiful Volkswagen Beetle 1303 S Cabriolet was built in 1974 and has been registered in the Netherlands since 2002. The Beetle Cabriolet is performed in a beautiful light blue metallic paint combined with a black soft-top and a black interior. The 1600 cc boxer engine with manual gearbox makes this Beetle drive very well. Furthermore, this German classic convertible is equipped with a periodically correct radio, 15" ATS wheels and various chrome and black accents. Technically and optically, this Beetle is very well maintained and ready for the summer rides!
The Netherlands
£ 24,392.00
(€ 27,488.59)
($ 30,421.63)
+31 416 751393

2001 - Porsche - Boxster

This Porsche Boxster with 2.7 6-cylinder boxer engine was delivered new in Switzerland in 2001 and has been registered in the Netherlands since 2018. This German Cabriolet is performed in the stylish colour combination of dark green metallic paint and a brown leather interior, both in beautiful condition. This Porsche Boxster has only driven 94,568 kilometers. The original service booklets are present with the car to substantiate this mileage. This car is equipped with a manual gearbox, which contributes to the sporty character of the Porsche. Furthermore, the car has seat heating, cruise control and air conditioning. In short, a good-looking Porsche Boxster in a beautiful colour scheme, ready to be enjoyed during the sunny rides.
The Netherlands
£ 18,110.00
(€ 20,409.08)
($ 22,586.74)
+31 416 751393

1984 - Excalibur - Phaeton

This is an Excalibur Phaeton Serie IV, which is in excellent condition and was built in 1984. The car has only driven 11,500 km and was owned by 1 family. The Phaeton is executed in the original beige colour combined with the original burgundy interior and the original convertible top. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a wooden steering wheel, chrome wire wheels, a hardtop and clocks with 24 carat gold edges. The Excalibur is motorized with the 5001CC 8 cylinder engine combined with an automatic gearbox. The engine has been converted to injection, resulting in more reliability and better performance. The car is also equipped with an extra oil cooler and gearbox oil cooler. In short, an unique Excalibur Phaeton with a low mileage of only 11,500 real km.
The Netherlands
£ 81,610.00
(€ 91,970.47)
($ 101,783.75)
+31 416 751393

2000 - Mercedes-Benz - SLK230

As if he came straight from the brochure, this 2000 Mercedes Benz 230 SLK Kompressor in top condition with original and fully proven 62,932 km on the clock. Due to a recent maintenance, about 1,000 km ago, the car is fully roadworthy and is almost in new condition. Maintenance booklets, National AutoPas, everything is present and well documented. Equipped with the smooth automatic gearbox. And indeed completely in the colour scheme as we saw in the new Mercedes advertising brochure, namely Mercedes silver gray with a red/black leather interior. Coldplay on the radio, Ray-Ban sunglasses on and there we go ...
The Netherlands
£ 12,607.00
(€ 14,207.47)
($ 15,723.41)
+31 416 751393

1999 - Mercedes - SLK230

This beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLK230 was delivered new in Belgium in 1999. Since then, this Mercedes cabriolet has driven 85,276 kilometers and only had one owner. The original instruction booklets and a stamped service booklet are available with this car of course. This SLK is equipped with a 2295cc engine with compressor and smooth automatic gearbox. Furthermore, the car is equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, electrically operated convertible roof and of course leather upholstery. A fully equipped and comfortable Mercedes cabriolet to ride wonderful summer kilometers.
The Netherlands
£ 11,777.00
(€ 13,272.10)
($ 14,688.24)
+31 416 751393

1973 - Volkswagen - T2

This is a 1973 VW T2B. The bus is in a neat driver’s condition with normal traces of use. It is a 8-seat version with Walkthrough. The car has a two-tone colour combination of red and white. Thanks to the reliable 1.7 ltr engine the car drives very well. So a nice bus for driving the way it is and improve in the future.
The Netherlands
£ 18,141.00
(€ 20,444.02)
($ 22,625.40)
+31 416 751393

1997 - BMW - Z3

This is a very beautiful and well cared for BMW Z3. The car was delivered new in Germany and has a beautiful red paint, combined with a black soft-top and a black leather interior. This both sporty and comfortable convertible is equipped with air conditioning, M-sport steering wheel and gear lever, seat heating and electric window controls. Since new, this Z3 has only driven 22,340 kilometers! In short, a BMW Z3 in beautiful condition to ride beautiful tour drives.
The Netherlands
£ 18,134.00
(€ 20,436.13)
($ 22,616.67)
+31 416 751393

1971 - Volvo - P1800E

This Volvo P 1800 E coupe was built in 1971. This fabulous car has the original colour Gold Metallic (105) combined with a beige leather interior and the original P 1800 E wheels. The car has a Volvo 1986 CC, B 20 injection engine together with the 4 speed manual gearbox and the optional overdrive. This Volvo P 1800 E in very good condition with the marvellous colour combination guarantees lots of driving fun.
The Netherlands
£ 29,979.00
(€ 33,784.86)
($ 37,389.72)
+31 416 751393

1979 - Triumph - Spitfire

This beautiful red Triumph Spitfire 1500 Cabriolet was built in 1978 and delivered to the first owner in the Netherlands. The interior of this English classic has black upholstery. This Spitfire 1500 was very well maintained by its owner in recent years, and in 2018 equipped with a reconditioned exchange engine. The manual gearbox is equipped with an overdrive and makes this Triumph Spitfire very nice and smooth to drive. In short, a well-maintained Spitfire for many kilometers of summer driving pleasure.
The Netherlands
£ 13,508.00
(€ 15,222.85)
($ 16,847.14)
+31 416 751393

1954 - Chrysler - Windsor

This is a 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe sedan. The paint is turquoise in colour, combined with a blue cloth interior that comfortably accommodates four people. This classic American is in a good condition with traces of use. The Chrysler is equipped with classic elements such as the many chrome details, whitewall tires and a rare sun visor. The 6-cylinder in-line engine is linked to an automatic gearbox, which makes driving very pleasant. A wonderful car to go touring with! The Chrysler has a Dutch registration.
The Netherlands
£ 5,320.00
(€ 5,995.38)
($ 6,635.09)
+31 416 751393

1960 - Jaguar - MK II

This Jaguar MK2 in the beautiful colour Maroon Red has a matching numbers 3.8 liter six?cylinder engine with an automatic gearbox. The interior of this luxurious English saloon is covered with black leather and offers comfortable space for four people. Both optically and technically this Jaguar MK2 is in fantastic condition. Recently the entire engine and rear axle were rebuilt in our workshop, and various other extensive technical work was carried out. Furthermore, this classic is equipped with power steering and chrome wire wheels. Overall a very nice in top condition Jaguar MK2 with 3.8 liter engine.
The Netherlands
£ 38,759.00
(€ 43,679.49)
($ 48,340.11)
+31 416 751393

1953 - Chevrolet - 3100

1953 Chevrolet 3100 Pick-up in beautiful and good condition. The car has two-tone paint in the colours blue metallic and black. This Chevrolet has the original hub caps, the 6 cyl engine and the original interior. We can help with transport. Within Europe you do not need to pay any import duties. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.
The Netherlands
£ 27,055.00
(€ 30,489.66)
($ 33,742.91)
+31 416 751393

1990 - Peugeot - 605

This beautiful Peugeot 605 SR 3.0 was built in 1990. This French sedan is in marvellous condition with only 74,189 kilometers driven. The original maintenance booklets are of course present with the car to substantiate the history. This is a very rare 605, with 3.0 liter V6 engine. With the manual gearbox, this is a very nice car to drive, both comfortable and sporty. Furthermore, this car is equipped with wooden inserts in the interior, sliding / tilting roof and light-alloy wheels. In short, a beautiful and very original Peugeot 605 with investment potential.
The Netherlands
£ 8,856.00
(€ 9,980.28)
($ 11,045.18)
+31 416 751393

1996 - Jaguar - XJS

This beautiful Jaguar XJS Cabriolet from year 1996 is executed in the Celebration version. The Celebration was the last series of the XJS model and was built in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar brand. This version can be recognized by the leather upholstery with white piping, jaguar logos in the seats and various wooden inlays in the interior. Pure luxury and comfort. The strong and very flexible 3980cc six-cylinder engine with automatic gearbox makes this Jaguar XJS Celebration drive beautifully. Since new, this gentlemens cabriolet has only driven 38,745 miles. Are you looking for a beautiful Jaguar XJS Cabriolet in the popular Celebration version? This vehicle is definitely worth visiting our showroom.
The Netherlands
£ 33,779.00
(€ 38,067.28)
($ 42,129.07)
+31 416 751393

1983 - BMW - 320i

This very original 1983 BMW 320i E30 Coupé is executed in the original colour Bronzit Beige Metallic (139) with beautiful and undamaged beige interior. This original Dutch car has demonstrably driven only 127.523 kilometers, a NAP-report and maintenance history are present. The last owner has owned this BMW 3-series for 14 years and has regular maintenance at the same garage. The 2.0 liter 6 cylinder is coupled to an automatic gearbox. Furthermore, the car is equipped with power steering and 14" Baroque wheels. This Dutch, very original and technically well maintained BMW 320i E30 is ready for its next owner!
The Netherlands
£ 11,529.00
(€ 12,992.62)
($ 14,378.93)
+31 416 751393

1967 - Ford - Mustang

This Ford Mustang cabriolet was new delivered on the 1st of August 1967 in Omaha Nebraska. It is an A-Code V8 Mustang with the 4 barrel Holley carburettor. The car has the original paint colour Lime Gold Metallic with a black leather interior. The car is in a very beautiful condition. In 2018 the V8 engine was fully rebuilt in our workshop. Furthermore the car has power steering and double exhaust. So an A-Code Mustang convertible, ready for lots of driving fun.
The Netherlands
£ 40,016.00
(€ 45,096.07)
($ 49,907.84)
+31 416 751393

1976 - MG - B

This is a beautiful 1979 MGB in the cabriolet version.The beautiful colour Damask Red is combined with an Autumn Leaf brown interior and Minilite wheels. The car is in good condition both inside and out and runs wonderfully in combination with the 4-speed gearbox with overdrive. Furthermore, the car has a chrome luggage rack and a leather steering wheel.
The Netherlands
£ 15,969.00
(€ 17,996.28)
($ 19,916.49)
+31 416 751393

1959 - Volkswagen - Beetle

This Volkswagen Beetle convertible was delivered new in the year 1959 and comes from a real enthusiast who has owned him for 21 years. This model was built by Karmann with the old folding side pegs (Semaphore), the small rear lights and the reclining headlights. The car also has the original tool set in the spare wheel! In the period 1995-1996 the car has been restored in the Netherlands and is in a decent and good condition. The Volkswagen is  powered by the correct Type 1, 1192CC, 4 cylinder engine in combination with the 4-speed manual gearbox. In short, a neat and early Beetle Cabriolet ready for a lot of driving pleasure.
The Netherlands
£ 35,548.00
(€ 40,060.85)
($ 44,335.36)
+31 416 751393

1972 - Audi - 100

This is a rare Audi 100 S Coupe that was delivered new in Antwerp in the year 1972. Here after, the car only had 2 owners. In 2012-2013 this Audi is equipped with a beautiful new paintwork and is in beautiful restored condition. Furthermore, the car has a black interior, wooden details and a sunroof! The 100 S is powered by the rebuilt 1871CC 4 cylinder engine in combination with the 4-speed manual gearbox. In short, a beautiful and rare Audi 100 S Coupe that has only 2 owners, for the real enthusiast.
The Netherlands
£ 53,263.00
(€ 60,024.79)
($ 66,429.45)
+31 416 751393

1961 - MG - A

This beautiful MGA was built in 1961 and executed in a white lacquer with a black interior and a black soft-top. This model of the MGA is equipped with the 1.489 cc four-cylinder engine with a manual gearbox. Recently, maintenance was done at the MGA in our workshop and a complete brake overhaul was performed. The car is also equipped with disc brakes at the front, a new stainless steel exhaust system, wire wheels with chrome spinners and a wooden steering wheel. In short, an MGA for a lot of driving pleasure.
The Netherlands
£ 31,003.00
(€ 34,938.86)
($ 38,666.85)
+31 416 751393

1952 - MG - TD

This MG TD Roadster was new delivered in 1952. This MG has black paint with a green leather interior and a black Sonnenland soft top. The TD is in drivers condition with some traces of use, which gives him extra charm. The car also has a chrome luggage rack and original MG wheel covers. The car drives great thanks to the 1250 CC, 4 cyl engine with double carburettors and the manual gearbox. So when you are looking for a real English roadster, this one is a good choice.
The Netherlands
£ 23,036.00
(€ 25,960.44)
($ 28,730.43)
+31 416 751393

1968 - Jaguar - E-type

This beautiful Jaguar E-type was built in the year 1968 and was delivered to the first owner by Jaguar Cars New York, USA. This E-type is a Series 1.5 2 + 2 Coupé. This Jaguar has beautiful Midnight Blue paint, which combines beautifully with the chrome wire wheels and the dark blue leather interior. The car has a matching numbers 4235cc 6-cylinder engine with three carburettors. This English classic car drives fantastic, partly due to the manual gearbox. The Jaguar E-type has been in the possession of one loving owner for 20 years, who has maintained the car optically and technically very well. Are you looking for a beautiful Jaguar E-type in a stylish dark colour combination? You are very welcome in our showroom to come and see the E-type.
The Netherlands
£ 70,964.00
(€ 79,972.95)
($ 88,506.09)
+31 416 751393

1994 - Volkswagen - Golf

This Volkswagen Golf MK1 Cabriolet is in beautiful condition and was built in 1994. This model is a rare White Edition version. This Volkswagen Golf is equipped with the original 1,781cc 4-cylinder engine and a manual gearbox for sporty driving pleasure. Since this car was delivered new in The Netherlands, it has driven only 92.455 kilometers. The car is equipped with the first paint and the condition of the car will surprise you. What a beautiful cabrio to drive wonderful tours. Due to the modern driving behaviour of the Volkswagen Golf, this car is certainly ideal for longer journeys and/or vacations. The classic car feeling with a modern jacket. You are very welcome in our showroom where this Volkswagen Golf MK1 Cabriolet is present.
The Netherlands
£ 13,248.00
(€ 14,929.85)
($ 16,522.87)
+31 416 751393

1969 - Honda - S800

This is a beautiful Honda S800 Coupé built in 1969. This Honda was delivered new in the Netherlands. The Honda dealer who sold this car new, carried out a complete restoration of this S800 in 1990. Since then, the car has been very well cared for and maintained, making this compact coupe in top condition. The Honda S800 is equipped with a 791cc four-cylinder engine, linked to a manual gearbox with four gears. We rarely come across a Honda Coupe in this condition. Ready for many enjoyable kilometers. You are very welcome to come and see this car in our showroom.
The Netherlands
£ 34,505.00
(€ 38,885.44)
($ 43,034.53)
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2003 - Mercedes - SLK200

This beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 Kompressor was built in 2003 and has driven only 71,311 kilometers sincethen. This is of course proven by the maintenance history and a National Auto Pass mileage overview. The grey metallic paint is in very good condition. This car is designed as a Special Edition with air conditioning, cruise control, seat heating, black leather upholstery and dark wooden inlays in the steering wheel and center console. The SLK 200 runs great thanks to the powerful 1997cc four-cylinder engine with Kompressor and automatic gearbox. Are you looking for a well-cared for Mercedes-Benz SLK with a low mileage? We always have several of this type of vehicle in our showroom.
The Netherlands
£ 11,491.00
(€ 12,949.79)
($ 14,331.54)
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1941 - Chevrolet - Special

This beautiful Chevrolet Special Deluxe in 2-door coupé version was built in 1941. This model was completely restored in the past and is executed in a classic two-tone paint scheme of beige paint with a white roof. The interior has gray fabric upholstery and sky. This Chevrolet with a 3500cc six-cylinder in-line engine and a three-speed manual transmission is easy and comfortable to ride. Both technically and optically, this Chevrolet Special Deluxe with split window is in very good condition.
The Netherlands
£ 35,450.00
(€ 39,950.41)
($ 44,213.13)
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