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1978 - Triumph - Spitfire

This Triumph was delivered in 1978 and provided with an Inca yellow paint with the originel wheels. The interior has the original wooden dashboard and black leatherette. The Triumph drives, brakes and shifts gear very well. The Spitfire has valid Holland APK.

The Netherlands
1988 Volvo 340DL

For sale is this fully original firsthand 1988 Volvo 340 DL with 23.480 original kms on the clock. One owner car, fully original first paint, interior, wheels etc. Car is in Petrol Blue and has normal traces of use as a car with this kilometres has. Kilometers is guaranteed and car has drive every year only little (proof present), maintenance books and even the original Volvo servicepas is present. Fantastic original Volvo that you hardly ever come across. Car is fitted with 4 speed gearbox.

The Netherlands
1968 - Triumph - Spitfire

This Triumph was originally delivered in Holland in 1968. The Spitfire MK3 has white paint with the original black leatherette interior. The car drives, brakes and shifts gear very well. The car has valid Holland APK. It is a great car for the hobbyist who wants to drive next to giving attention to the car.

The Netherlands
1965 Volkswagen Beetle

This is a 1965 VW Beetle with Bahama Blue paint. The Volkswagen drives, brakes and shifts gear. The car has cloth interior with a metal dashboard in the colour of the paint. The car has some traces of use. So a very nice driver’s car.

The Netherlands
1973 - Volkswagen - Beetle

This originally in Holland delivered Beetle has had only 2 owners since 1973. Recently the car has been provided with new paint and even the dashboard got new details in the paint colour. The interior was provided with new black leatherette which makes the car feel as new. Technics are fully checked in our workshop and the car is ready to drive. This great driving Beetle has the original 1296 CC, 34 HP engine.

The Netherlands
1963 Land Rover 88

This is a 1963 Land Rover 88 Series 2A. It is a well driving project car with valid Holland MOT. The Series IIA has Marine Blue paint with creme coloured hard top. The car needs some attention, both technical and optical. The car is an ideal basis for restoration.

The Netherlands
1972 - Norton - Commando

At the introduction the Norton Commando 750 Roadster was known as a very modern motorcycle. The Commando models were provided with ‘Isolastic’, which made driving even more comfortable. This motorcycle is a very original 1972 Norton Commando 750 Roadster in the fabulous colour Canary Yellow with a black leather saddle. The motorcycle is in very original condition, only the exhaust and airfilter are not original. The Roadster drives, brakes and shifts gear very well. This Norton is unique for the fans of originality.

The Netherlands
1950 - Peugeot - 203

This Peugeot was delivered in 1950 in the original grey paint. The chrome of this Peugeot is in a beautiful original condition. The car has a cloth interior with a beautiful varnished dashboard. This Peugeot has the original 1290 CC, 45 HP engine and is easy to handle because of the synchronised steering column gear change. This Peugeot is very well maintained and drives great.

The Netherlands
1971 Fiat 500 L

Fiat 500 L 1971, restored. This Fiat 500 L was originally delivered in Holland in 1971. The car has only had 2 owners since 1971. In 2016 this 500 L was restored and was provided with beautiful yellow paint, beautiful chrome and a new sunroof. The interior has black leather and is in very good condition. The original 499 CC engine was fully checked.

The Netherlands
1988 Volvo 240GL

This fully original Volvo 240 GL was delivered in 1988. The car has his original paint, except 1 fender, which is repainted very well. The interior has the original blue cloth and is in very good condition. The car has had only 1 owner and has driven only 115.000 kms. Servicebooklets and documentation of the real kms are present. Delivery with original Volvo sunroof. Recently the timing chain was replaced. This beautiful original Volvo is as new. In may 2018 this Volvo will be 30 years old and his value will increase.

The Netherlands
1973 - Autobianchi - 500

Fiat has produced the popular 500 from 1960 till 1975. The estate version is known as Giardiniera. Since 1965 the production of the Giardiniera was moved to Autobianchi in Desio. The car kept his ‘suicide doors’and was built till 1977. This is a very beautiful 1973 Giardiniera. The car has beautiful green paint and beige interior, a great combination. The car also has a sunroof. This Giardiniera has the original 499,5 CC, 2 cyl. 22 HP engine. Technical and optical in very good condition.The car is ready for lots of driving fun.

The Netherlands
1987 BMW 325

On februari 18th 1987 this BMW 325 iX was delivered in Germany. The 325 iX was the first 4WD BMW from the E30 series. This car has marvellous Zinnoberrot (138) paint and is provided with the original BBS wheels and original sunroof. The car has a cloth interior and is in very good condition. The 325 has been very well maintained and even the original stamped booklets are present. Driving the BMW is really great and the car is easy to handle, thanks to the 5 speed manual gearbox. It is a car for the real enthusiasts and quarantees a lot of driving fun.

The Netherlands
1979 - triumph - Spitfire

This marvellous Triumph Spitfire 1500 has been delivered in 1979 in Pageant Blue colour with the original Triumph wheels. The interior has beige leather and the original wooden dashboard. The Triumph is in very good condition and is a pleasure to drive.

The Netherlands
1956 Renault 4CV

This Renault 4 CV was originally delivered in Holland in 1956. The original Dutch license plate is present. This beautiful Renault has the original bumpers in paintcolour and beige wheels. The fully original interior is unique, with cloth upholstery and white dashboard and steering wheel. The Renault is fully checked in our workshop. The car has had maintenance and new exhaust pipe. The original 747 CC engine in in very good condition and drives perfect. For the fans of the 4CV this Renault is unique.

The Netherlands
1985 - Alfa-Romeo - Spider

New delivery of this Alfa Romeo was in 1985 in Holland. This unique example is in original condition and has had only 1 owner. This Alfa Romeo has only driven 118.067 kms. The Spider is in colour silver blue with the original wheels. The interior has blue leather and a wooden steering wheel. The original brochures and booklets are present.

The Netherlands
1973 - Saab - 95

This Saab 95 Sporthatch was originally delivered in Holland in 1973 in beautiful beige (Y2) paint with several chrome details and the round taillights. The V4 engine was very well maintained and functions by the column shift. The interior has the original dashboard and the seat have brown leatherette and cloth upholstery. In the back there is the extra bench, so the car has 7 seats.

The Netherlands
1972 - MG - Midget

This ‘Round Wheel Arch’ MG Midget was delivered on August 28th 1972 and the car is in Holland since 1998. Here the car was restored by a MG fan and hobbyist. Both the in- and outside are in beautiful condition. The car has Teal Blue paint, combined with chrome wire wheels and a black leather interior, a very nice combination on this British classic car. The 4 cyl engine is connected to the 4 speed manual gearbox. This is a great car to drive thanks to the compactness and low weight.

The Netherlands
1957 Morris Minor

This is a 1957 Morris Minor 1000. The car has white paint and a new burgundy red softtop. The interior has an original metal dashboard in the colour of the paint with a clock in the center. The seats have burgundy red leather with white piping. The Morris has a manual gearbox and drives, brakes and shifts gear very well.

The Netherlands
1976 - MG - B

This in 1976 delivered MGB has recently had major maintenance. The brakes were fully revised and the whole suspension was provided with new rubbers. The car drives great and is easy to handle thanks to the manual gearbox. The interior has the original dashboard and black leatherette seats. This very nice MGB Roadster guarantees a lot of pleasure rides.

The Netherlands
1968 - Austin - A35

The Austin A35 Van was built between 1956 and 1968. This is a 1968 Austin A35, the last year of production. 4 Years ago the car was fully restored into topcondition. The car has authentic blue paint and red leather interior with black carpet and a leather steering wheel. The car has the 848 CC 4 cyl engine. Technics are fully checked in our workshop and in great condition. The car has easy to remove stickers. Stickers for your company will be included. The Austin A35 Van is very rare, certainly in such marvelous condition.

The Netherlands

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