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1973 - Volkswagen - Beetle

This is a beautiful 1973 Volkswagen Beetle 1303 LS Cabriolet. Made from a beautiful dark brown metallic paint combined with a black interior. The car is in a beautiful condition. This car is from a real Volkswagen enthusiast who has also restored the Beetle. Furthermore, the car has a new black soft top. The 1570cc engine and manual gearbox ensure that this well-maintained German classic runs very well. In short, a beautiful Beetle cabriolet for many enjoyable kilometers.

The Netherlands
1982 Mercedez-benz

This is a very nice Mercedes-Benz 280SL Cabriolet from 1982. This Mercedes from the W107-series was delivered new in Germany. The car has recently been fitted with new paint in the original colour Anthrazitgrau metallic and a new black Sonnenland soft-top. The matching numbers 2746cc engine with automatic transmission gives this well-maintained Mercedes-Benz 280SL a fantastic ride. Furthermore, this classic car features wooden inserts in the interior, electric windows, Baroque wheels and a hardtop in the colour of the body. In short, a beautiful and very complete Mercedes-Benz 280SL Cabriolet that is ready for the summer rides!

The Netherlands
1953 - Chevrolet - 3100

1953 Chevrolet 3100 Pick-up in beautiful and good condition. The car has two-tone paint in the colours blue metallic and black. This Chevrolet has the original hub caps, the 6 cyl engine and the original interior.

The Netherlands
1961 - MG - MGA

This beautiful MGA was built in 1961 and executed in a white lacquer with a black interior and a black soft-top. This model of the MGA is equipped with the 1.489 cc four-cylinder engine with a manual gearbox. Recently, maintenance was done at the MGA in our workshop and a complete brake overhaul was performed. The car is also equipped with disc brakes at the front, a new stainless steel exhaust system, wire wheels with chrome spinners and a wooden steering wheel. In short, an MGA for a lot of driving pleasure.

The Netherlands
1990 - Ford - Sierra

This is an exclusive Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4, built in 1990 and delivered new in Sweden. The exterior of this Ford is executed in a white paint, the Recaro interior with sports seats is made of grey fabric. This car has an original and demonstrable mileage of 41.801 kilometers. There is a lot of history of the car known and the original service and maintenance booklets are present. This very special Ford Sierra is visibly a show car and is therefore in a very good state of repair, both optically and technically. The powerful four-cylinder turbo engine coupled with a manual gearbox and four-wheel drive give this Ford Sierra RS Cosworth a fantastic driving experience! The sedan is also equipped with a sliding / tilt sunroof, fog lights and original 15" alloy wheels. In short, a unique and original Ford Cosworth, in very good condition.

The Netherlands
1980 - Mercedes-Benz - 280SL

Mercedes-Benz 280SL (W107) in the cabriolet version from the year 1980. This model is equipped with the popular European bumpers and headlights and is in a beautiful condition. The original colour Anthrazitgrau (172) is combined with a black leather interior and Mercedes Baroque wheels. Furthermore, the car has wood inlays, the automatic gearbox and electric windows. In short, a very nice 280SL ready for a lot of driving pleasure.

The Netherlands
1949 - Chevrolet - 3100

This Chevrolet 3100 Pick-up was new delivered in 1949. This Pick-up is the rare 5-window version and has a split front window. This car has the marvellous colour Cape Maroon with a burgundy red interior, chrome bumpers and the original Chevrolet wheel covers. This Pick-up 3100 has the 6 in line engine and 3 speed manual gearbox. When you are looking for a great Chevrolet Pick-up 3100, this one is a good choice.

The Netherlands
1985 - Mercedes - 380SL

This European Mercedes Benz 380SL R107 was delivered new in the year 1985. The 380SL is in excellent condition and in the period 1998 to 2018 only had one owner. The car has driven only 176.800km and is executed in the color Signal Red combined with a black interior, Baroque wheels, a windshield and the black soft top. Furthermore, the car is powered by the 3818CC 8 cylinder engine in combination with the automatic gearbox. In short, a beautiful and wonderfully driving Mercedes Benz 380SL.

The Netherlands
1958 - MG - A

For sale a 1958 MGA cabriolet that was extensively restored in 2002 and very well maintained and only hobby driven since then. Old english white paint, black interior and black softtop. Car has the option chrome luggagerack and a 5-speed gearbox for better driving experiences.

The Netherlands
1972 - Volvo - P1800E

This magnificent Volvo P 1800 E was new delivered in 1972. This car has the original and fabulous colour Light Blue Metallic with a black interior. This is a combination you seldom see on a coupe. The Volvo has the restored original P 1800 E wheels and the 1986 CC, 4 cyl engine with a 4‑speed manual gearbox with overdrive. So a marvellous Volvo P 1800 E in great condition and with an unique colour combination.

The Netherlands
1960 - MG - MGA

MGA Cabriolet from the year 1960. This original Dutch MGA is in a good condition and is executed in the beautiful and unique colour Burgundy Red combined with a beige interior. Furthermore, the car has a rebuilt gearbox (2018), chrome wire wheels, a wooden steering wheel, fog lights, a chrome luggage rack and a beige soft-top + tonneau cover. Overall a good and great driving MGA with various nice options.

The Netherlands
1968 Jaguar

This Jaguar MK2 240 was new delivered on the 6th of june 1968 in Manchester. The Mark 2 has the original colour combination of beige paint with chrome wire wheels and a fabulous red leather interior with the wooden dashboard. The car has the original matching numbers 2483CC engine with the very popular overdrive option. The car has disc brakes all around. This very original Jaguar comes with a lot of documentation since 1969 and is in very good condition.

The Netherlands
1960 - Triumph - TR3A

This is a 1960 Triumph TR3A in very good condition. This car is in a well restored condition and guarantees many years of driving pleasure. The car has a good history in the form of restoration photos and invoices of performed maintenance. This Triumph TR3A has a number of great options including wire wheels, overdrive and a trip master. The previous owner has owned and maintained the car for over 15 years. If you are looking for a very sporty English two-seater in a good technical condition, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Netherlands
1969 - Triumph - TR6

This is an early Triumph TR6 cabriolet in top condition. The car was built in 1969 and has the original colour Signal Red combined with a black leather interior. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a luxury wooden dashboard, a wooden steering wheel, a chrome luggage rack and chrome wire wheels. The Triumph is powered by the 2498CC 6 cylinder engine, in combination with the 4-speed manual gearbox and the optional overdrive on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. In short, a beautiful Triumph TR6 convertible with many beautiful options.

The Netherlands
1941 - Chevrolet - Special DeLuxe

This beautiful Chevrolet Special Deluxe in 2-door coupé version was built in 1941. This model was completely restored in the past and is executed in a classic two-tone paint scheme of beige paint with a white roof. The interior has gray fabric upholstery and sky. This Chevrolet with a 3500cc six-cylinder in-line engine and a three-speed manual transmission is easy and comfortable to ride. Both technically and optically, this Chevrolet Special Deluxe with split window is in very good condition. Cars from the year 1941 are special because they were built just before the car production in America was shut down because of the second world war. Due to the low production numbers of the years before the war, these are popular cars. In short, this Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupé is a fantastic and unique classic car.

The Netherlands
1936 - Georges Irat - MDS

This is a very rare Georges Irat MDS Cabriolet that was delivered new in France in the year 1936. In the period 1935 and 1939 only about 700 would have been built. In 2010 the car is restored in Holland and is in very good condition. The car is equipped with a beautiful blue paintwork combined with a gray interior, a black convertible roof and wire wheels. Furthermore, the Georges is powered by the 1097CC 4 cylinder Ruby engine in combination with the 3-speed manual gearbox. In short, a beautiful and very rare Georges Irat MDS convertible for the collector.

The Netherlands
1971 - Volvo - P1800E

This Volvo P 1800 E coupe was built in 1971. This fabulous car has the original colour Gold Metallic (105) combined with a beige leather interior and the original P 1800 E wheels. The car has a Volvo 1986 CC, B 20 injection engine together with the 4 speed manual gearbox and the optional overdrive. This Volvo P 1800 E in very good condition with the marvellous colour combination guarantees lots of driving fun.

The Netherlands
1962 - MG - A

This MGA Cabriolet was delivered new in the year 1962 and is in a very nice condition. Made from the original colour combination of Chariod Red with a black leather interior. The car is equipped with many options and upgrades such as the 1800CC MG engine, the 5-speed gearbox, chrome wire wheels, an extra oil cooler, a leather steering wheel and a black Sonnenland soft top and tonneau cover! The car not only looks great, it also drives great. The only thing this MGA needs is a new owner to go on a wonderful tour.

The Netherlands
1976 - Lancia - Beta

This is an originally in Holland delivered 1976 Lancia Beta Montecarlo. This car has had only 4 owners and is very well maintained. In the period 2011-2012, more than € 25,000 was invested, invoices are available for inspection. This Beta Montecarlo is professionally rally equipped with a tripmeter, bucket seats with 4-point belts, a sport steering wheel, extra front fog lights, a matte black hood and boot lid and the Rosso (red) lacquer. Furthermore, the car is powered by the rebuilt 1995CC 4 cylinder engine along with the 5-speed manual gearbox. In short, a beautiful Rally performed Lancia Beta Montecarlo for the real enthusiast.

The Netherlands
1987 - Mercedes - 300SL

For sale this 1987 Mercedes Benz 300SL cabriolet in black paint with black leather interior. Car has besides the softtop also the extra hardtop, original mercedes wheels, electric windows etc. Original 2962cc 6 cyl engine in good condition. All together a great looking and driving mercedes 300SL to have fun.

The Netherlands

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