“If you start dealing with historical VW parts,” said Matt Hummel, a California car collector, “at some point you’ll automatically end up with Porsche.” 

Hummel’s collection of rare and varied

target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">Porsche cars and parts put the man on the automaker’s map. Hummel’s story is in Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, No. 378, with words by Bastian Fuhrmann and photos from Jay Watson. The story captures Hummel’s love of Porsche through his varied collection – the focus of the story being a 1956 Porsche 356 A 1600. 

You see, Hummel isn’t the type of collector to find rare Porsche cars, perform a complete restoration, and enter them in some sort of Concours D'Elegance. The patina is part of the car.

“This 356 is in precisely the same condition that I found it in,” Hummel told Fuhrmann. “I love its authentic quality. The car has lived through so much, and it’s still here. I want to keep it like a time machine – not to restore it back to what we think was its original state.”

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“The Porsche was built to drive, not to sit around in the garage,” he added.

Hummel’s passion began young when at 16 he started looking for rare car parts, finding a niche with Volkswagen. He started traveling the state before going international, visit Burma and Thailand.

Other Porsche’s in his collection include a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2, 1966 912, 1958 356 A Super, and two, consecutive-chassis-number 1952 356 Cabriolets.

Along with his wide collection of cars, he also has an equally varied collection of Porsche car parts, including Porsche’s first racing engine – the 1500 Super from 1954.

The video shows Hummel talking about his love of cars, and passion for Porsches.

You can read the full story over at Porsche’s website.

Source: Porsche

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