Art in Motion - Andrew McGeachy

Born in Glasgow in 1962, early passions for cars and drawing were combined when Andrew became an automotive designer, learning the disciplines at Coventry Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. Beginning his career with Volkswagen in 1986 where he was involved in various exterior and interior design projects, he later joined the teaching staff of Art Center Europe, the Swiss annex of the famous Pasadena school to give design and drawing classes. While teaching there he developed his impressionistic, dynamic painting, breaking away from a previous tighter, illustrative style. Volumes or details are now indicated with natural spontaneity, avoiding overworked lifelessness. Relatively large canvases are coated with acrylic paint in a celebration of vibrant… Read More

Car Badge UK

Car Badge UK specialises in the design and production of large badges which are ideal for cars, bikes, scooters, and machinery. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of styles and options which allows us to produce you a fully bespoke badge which can be mounted anywhere. At Car Badge UK we aim to cater for every client’s individual requirements regardless of order size, complexity and budget. Our manufacturing technology enables us to offer an extensive range of finishes and fittings, ensuring that we are able to tailor to your design needs using a wide range of materials, styles and the Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS). Being in the car indsutry we also manufacture key fobs and lapel pins for car owner clubs, car manufacturers, car dealerships… Read More

Pacific Design Books - New Enzo Ferrari Book

Enzo Ferrari Book is Simply the Most Beautiful Photo Book of Ferraris ever Produced! Big, Bold & Bad Ass... a real WOW. The book is 11.5 x 15 inches, 70 pages plus case bound cover. Printed on the finest coated paper available. Famed automotive photographer, Barry Malone, searched the world for over eight years to locate and gain access to rarely seen Ferraris, including a photo trip to Modena and Maranello, Italy. Barry photographed each image, designed and produced this book with respect for the passion that became Ferrari Art. Buy it now and treasure it forever. These Ferraris may not be able to be viewed by the public for long. BUY THE ENZO BOOK Read More

REC - Watches made from Salvaged Cars

Unique design and a great story? Are you sick of hearing the same description used over and over again by seemingly identical watch brands? We were. And that’s why we created REC. We wanted to redefine how a timepiece can tell a (fantastic) story, and relate to you not as a customer, but as an individual. Watch fanatics to the bone, we wanted to create something different, unpretentious, and ultimately something we would simply crave ourselves. Hence, instead of some obscure year of establishment or vague ‘inspiration’, every single REC timepiece is made by salvaging classic cars and icons, and transforming them into watch components – a concept which we termed “RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM”. The result? EVERY single REC watch is visually unique – that’s right,… Read More

Vehicle Wall Art

Vehicle Wall Art offers a wide range of wall-mounted car sides to fit any setting whether an office reception, retail entrance, or private residence. Our Mission is to showcase the beauty and elegance of world motoring and it's rich history. We become upset when seeing rare cars taken off the road, destined to be sold for parts or even worse....scrapped. Our aim is to restore vehicles that are no longer in use and display them as works of art to be admired by their new or original owners. Each car has a history and a story to tell. All our pieces are real vehicles that were once on the roads in the UK and they are supplied with Chassis Plates detailing the original; Vehicle Registration Mark Chassis Number Origional Colour Date Of Origional Registration Date… Read More

Vintage Reproduction Racing Posters

Vintage Reproduction Racing Posters was born from an old 1950 Waukegan Speedway program I stumbled across at an antique mall located in Wisconsin. It was one of my favorite race tracks, now long gone to development, and it had very cool cover art. The more I looked at it the more I thought I had to do something with it. Being a printer by trade, I had access to get some posters printed. There was very strong interest in where I got the poster from, but it did something else... everybody who saw it had a great story to tell from the old speed plant. The poster brought back their great memories. After taking inventory of all the closed race tracks in the Chicagoland area, going thru my large vintage racing memorabilia, I had the resources to do something.… Read More

Classic Cars For Sale

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