Atomic Motors - Restoration

We are THE Classic, Vintage, Exotic and Sports Car repair, maintenance, and restoration facility in Southern Nevada. We offer the same array of services for collector, cruiser and performance motorcycles. Our commitment is to serve you with quality and value whether your needs are repair, restoration, purchase or No-Fee consignment. At Atomic Motors, we believe in our ability to deliver results based on adherence to ethical processes. Customer Service is the main driving force of our decisions ensuring a win-win relationship with our customers and vendors. We reward teamwork, customer focus, innovation and integrity. We want nothing more than to keep you and your vehicle safe, sexy and on the road. Whether you own an import, a domestic, or a high performance… Read More

Fiennes Restoration Ltd

Do you need specialist support and the opportunity to benefit from seasoned expertise, craftsmanshipand a passion for preserving, restoring, maintaining and servicing your historic motorcar? Welcome toFiennes Restoration. Since 1976, Fiennes’ work on noteworthy classic cars - including primarily, but not exclusively, Rolls-Royces and Derby Bentleys – has relied on the perfect mixture of over 200 years’ combined experience, rare and traditional skills, a wealth of technical data relating to individual cars, and űber-modern technology: the company has used CNC (computer controlled) equipment since 1988, and today boasts five machines with a sixth on its way. Our Machine Shop complements an interwoven structure of workshops, all under Fiennes’ aegis, supporting… Read More

Götti The Classic Car Caretakers since 1927

Götti The Classic Car Caretakers since 1927 Plenty of classic cars with famous names are coming to us: Cadillac, Ducati, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Studebaker, to name just a few. Solving their power unit problems. Make them fit again: That’s our job! A particular spare part no longer available? Our special foundry makes a new one. Motor revision? Camshaft replacement? Riviting cracks? Relining motor? Replacing engine? No problem for our specialists! All thats needs to be done for picking up the speed of your Classic Car: We do it! Restoring the engines of classic cars. That’s the challenge, we gladly accept. It’s our speciality: Every classic car coming to our factory gets a 100 percent problemsolution! Read More

Hillier Hill - Rolls - Royce & Bentley Specialists

The dictionary definition is to return or renovate something to its former condition.Our definition is that this is the minimum requirement for restoration. We don't make outrageous claims about our abilities or skills, but our intention is to try and preserve the originality and character of the car, whilst providing a high quality and in some cases bespoke finished article.We control every aspect of the process from initial dismantling and cataloguing, right the way through all the associated skills and trades, before we reassemble and fettle the car in readiness for redelivery to you, the customer.The intricacies of each project are so varied, the type and scope of work required so wide ranging, that it is difficult to consolidate a description into a few… Read More

Lanes Cars E-Type Jaguar Specialists

VIEW ALL LISTINGS FOR SALE BY LANES CARS Lanes Cars are able to offer the following: Engine Rebuilds for either Normal Road use or Race Preparation up to 305bhp for XK 6 Cylinder Engines Supply and fit fuel injection for both 6 cylinder or 12 cylinder XK engines Manual Gear Box Overhauls including upgrades to 5 speed gearboxes with various options available Automatic Gear Box Overhauls including upgrading to a Jaguar J-Gate Automatic Gear Box Rear Differentials Overhauls Braking upgrades including for track day events Suspension upgrades from fitting and replacing standard shock absorbers through to full platform adjustable shock absorbers. E-Type Body Work Repairs – Resprays, Restoration, Rebuilds and Fabrication Lanes Cars are one of the few dedicated… Read More

Padgett Motor Engineers

Padgett Motor Engineers are Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists. The leading authority on R Type Bentley Continentals.Specialists in rally competition preparation to winning standards. The engine is rebuilt to extremely high specification to meet requirements of international rally driving with sustainable competition endurance. Also all work to standard cars in the same 'concours' standard.A Brief History of Padgett Motor EngineersThis firm was established 1957 in Newbury, Berkshire by Alan Padgett father of present owner Jeremy. Alan was apprenticed as a motor mechanic in York during WW 2 until his 'Conscription' in 1946 and served in the 'Royal Air Force' in the Far East,. By 1949 he was back in England and having finished his apprenticeship, started… Read More

RH Classics - Restoration Specialists

The Hodson Family have been servicing and restoring classic road cars and preparing historic race cars in Twyford, Leicestershire, for over 35 years. As well as specialising in Jaguar, RHC also have extensive knowledge of Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Alvis and MG, ranging from early 1900’s to the modern classic, our previous restoration pages will give a good insight into the range of work we can carry out. We constantly endeavour to carry out as much as possible in-house. Whether it be individual panel making, engine rebuilds, restoration or just a service, our small but experienced team are dedicated to carrying out their individual roles in order to accomplish any job. The team at RH Classics have completed many restoration projects… Read More

Royce Service & Engineering

Royce Service and Engineering, Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialists UK - Restoration The restoration and renovation of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars has played a key role in the success of Royce Service & Engineering. Both the partners and their employees are true enthusiasts and genuinely enjoy working on the vehicles themselves. Over the years the company has built up an extensive stock of specialist tools that cater for most situations thereby eliminating any potential component damage, restoring the often serious effects of decay or deterioration. CONCOURS We have restored and prepared a number of cars to concours standards and have many successes at national level. Attention to detail is a key point and we pride ourselves in having the right experience and… Read More

RR & B Garages

VIEW ALL LISTINGS BY THIS DEALER RR&B Garages is one of the leading restoration specialists dedicated to Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars and to our credit have completed many concourse winning restorations. Whether a full Concourse restoration or partial component restoration, the work is completed with pride to the highest standards surpassing the closest scrutiny by the most critical of eyes. Please visit the pages dedicated to restoration services we offer or contact our restoration departments for advice. Being sole Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists our highly skilled and experienced coach builders have the intimate knowledge in how these cars were originally constructed and so are able to repair accident damaged or corrosion to the correct shapes… Read More

SMDG Ferrari & Classic Car Specialists

At SMDG our ethos for Ferrari and classic car restoration is to achieve perfection and to the level that we would expect if the car as if it was one of our personal vehicles. As a result of many restorations over the years we have the skills and experience to produce the finest possible finished article. Our reputation has resulted in restorations being carried out for some of the most famous and meticulous collectors. Over the years the SMDG team have worked with Talacrest and Modena Engineering in restoring some of the most important Ferrari cars in the world. Read More

TRGB - Triumph and Classic Car Specialists

TRGB's workshop has been going as long as the company, it all started with Richard Dempster helping Gary build the first workshop, sort of part-time help, as he was between jobs. That was in 1986 and he still works here! Prior to working for TRGB he had restored several cars at home, including a Spitfire, a GT6, E type Jaguar,TR6, Healy 3000 and several TR5'S. He tends still to have some project or other on the go at home, and has probably restored more TR5'S than anyone else in the world.(including here and at home) Richard's expertise with Triumphs has developed over many years of "hands-on" experience, although his degree in mechanical engineering does come in handy now and again! TRGB has now extended it's range of services within the workshop and have… Read More

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